5 spectacular places in the world where two seas meet but never mix

Nature is always able to give us great shows. Today we speak of the rare phenomenon whereby, in some places on Earth, two different seas meet, without mingling because of their different densities. Be amazed by the intense colors and contrasting water and waves going in opposite directions.


Glass Window Bridge, Eleuthera – Bahamas

In the Bahamas, the Caribbean blue waters contrast with the deep blue of the ocean, separated by a single rock bridge.


SKAGERRAK (Baltic Sea) – KATTEGAT (North Sea)

Grenen, Skagen, Jutland – Denmark

To the north of the city of Skagen, the most northern tip of Denmark, it is a sandy peninsula, called Grenen, which extends at the point where the Baltic Sea and the North Sea come together. The clash between the two seas generates violent currents and turbulence that prevent bathing and make navigation dangerous.


In this point the waves, coming from two opposite directions, collide:


Cape Reinga, Aupouri – New Zeland

Cape Reinga is considered the point that separates the Tasman Sea to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. Here the seas collide and create unstable waters off the coast. For Maori, the meeting between the two seas symbolizes that between male and female.


Photo: Adam Campbell


Prasonisi, Rhodes – Greece

At low tide, it is a simple strip of sand that connects the Prassonissi headland to the island of Rhodes. When, however, the salt tide, the beach is covered by the waters of the two seas (Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean) until it disappears. The area is very popular with surfers because the western sea is often very moved and shaken by the wind.


Photo: holubv


Gulf of Alaska

This is not a real meeting between two seas, but here, in the Gulf of Alaska, the colder water from the coast glaciers meet the ocean. The different densities causes the waters remain separately.


Photo: Kent Smith




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