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The most beautiful beaches and the cleanest sea of Abruzzo, in Italy

With a 99% territory consists of mountains and hills, his three national parks, a regional park and other protected areas where thirty-eight are protected rare species, Abruzzo boasts the title of Green Region of Europe and is a paradise for hikers, who love hiking and the outdoor summer and winter. This triumph of nature is also made complete by no less fascinating coast with resorts that can boast the recognition of the Blue Flag due to its lovely beaches and the purity of their waters.

The Abruzzo coast presents distinct characteristics as you head south: the northern area, belonging to the province of Teramo, it has a shape reminiscent of the beaches in the Marche with large low shores and sandy or pebble.

Martinsicuro – Teramo


Photo: VisitItaly.com

The Martinsicuro beach is a wide expanse of golden sand, several kilometers long and gently sloping into the water to the delight of children and lovers of tranquil swimming. Numerous and well-equipped bathing establishments and the centers where you can rent water sports equipment. Bicycle lovers can, however, switch between days on the beach taking advantage of the cycle-way Adriatica bike path that runs along the coast.

Lido delle Rose, Roseto degli Abruzzi – Teramo


A little further south is the Lido delle Rose, Roseto degli Abruzzi, from 1999 Blue Flag of Europe and one of the most popular summer resorts of the Adriatic. The long sandy beach and calm the waters are the ideal destination for families, but the excellent facilities and the presence of local fashion here also attract a young clientele for a fun continues even in the evening hours. Beautiful promenade, adorned with pine trees, palm trees, oleanders and, of course, roses.

Cologna, Roseto degli Abruzzi – Teramo

Cologna is a fraction of Roseto degli Abruzzi, but the atmosphere that you breathe in this small town are completely different. Not far from the Natural Reserve of Borsacchio, it is a wild coastline: a wonderful spot of oak trees and pine trees surrounds a white sand beach dotted with myriads of shells and a sea of turquoise hues. Apart from a nearby camp, it is an area free of services, but that is why it attracts those wishing to relax in full contact with nature.

Pineto – Teramo


Photo: Rino Peroni

Going down the coast is the unmissable beautiful beach in Pineto. Blue Flag and already reported by Legambiente (learn what are the other towns included in the Blue Guide 2014) and Touring Club, this beach popular with tourists from northern Europe, it is a very long golden sandy shoreline stretching for over two kilometers it is close by a pine forest with trees that come down to the coast. The whole area, with stretches of beach alternate with ones equipped, is handled with perfect care and is spotless and crystal clear sea even during periods of maximum influx of tourists. In the pine forest the many picnic areas and those equipped with games for both children and adults offer moments of relaxation and pleasant and fresh alternative to the beach days.

Torre Cerrano, Pineto – Teramo


Photo: Simone S. Taddei

Halfway between Pineto and Silvi, you will find another wonder of this region: the Cerrano Tower beach, dominated by the sixteenth-century castle built to cope with the Saracens, this sandy beach with shallow water is part of a protected marine area awarded the Blue Flag in 2014. the purity of the waters, lush pine forest and dunes that surround the coast enhance the beauty of the landscape, already very impressive in itself. A natural paradise never stormed by vacationer crowds where you can also swim among the sunken ruins of the ancient Roman port.


In the southern part of Abruzzo coastal morphology changes: prevailing traits with high cliffs and jagged and a succession of capes and coves surrounded by a lush and wild Mediterranean scrub. The last stretch, the province of Chieti, is also known as Costa dei Trabocchi or Trabucchi, from the name of those very special fishing gear, hoisted on stilts, many on the coast.

Marina di San Vito Chietino – Chieti


Marina di San Vito Chietino is located at the foot of a rocky outcrop overlooking the Adriatic Sea dominated by the beautiful seaside village of San Vito Chietino; on its shoreline, Blue Flag 2014, there are some pebbly coves affecting long stretches of cliffs which are very appreciated by divers, snorkelers and fishermen who take advantage of this sea full of fish. The area, though well equipped service and comfort, do not suffer in the event of the summer and, crowds chose this area for your stay, treat yourself to a day on the beach of the Cape Dannunziano a small corner of peace surrounded by nature.

Rocca San Giovanni – Chieti


A little further south is another town awarded the Blue Flag in 2014: the Rocca San Giovanni beach. Along this stretch of coastline are followed a series of coves and inlets carved between cliffs and rocky crags; the best known is the beach of the Horse, a small strip of sand characterized by the presence of a cliff called the Scoglione. The site is bounded by a promontory overlooking the sea on a clear and full of fish to the delight of diving enthusiasts.

Casalbordino Lido – Chieti

Casalbordino Lido is a seaside resort that over the years is becoming an increasingly popular not only among Italians, but also among foreign tourists. This mixed sand and pebble beach with crystal clear transparent waters, and with the inevitable overflow to do to be dramatic contour, gives a relaxing atmosphere perfect for families.

Punta Aderci, Vasto – Chieti


Photo: Terre dei Trabocchi

Nature lovers choose Casalbordino because ideal starting point to visit the Natural Marine Reserve of Punta Aderci that, thanks to the extraordinary scenery of its rocky coast overlooking the sea, is also known as “Little Normandy”. Charming place that attracts not only lovers of the sea and diving, but also the many hikers, trekkers and bikers, through the pine forests and the paths of the Reserve where is easy to find many rare plant and animal species.

Vasto – Chieti


Photo: Terre dei Trabocchi

In this the town of Vasto area are some of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches not only of Abruzzo, but of Italy: the small beach of Punta Aderci, the beach of the Libertines and the Mottagrossa coasts with rocks and pebbles, all surrounded by a wild nature and rich wild broom that are reflected in the amazing waters from cobalt reflexes.

Punta Penna, Vasto – Chieti


Photo: BChalala

The beach of Punta Penna, always within the Nature Reserve, is, however, a long stretch of soft golden sand bordered by spectacular dunes, which are the habitat of rare species of flowers and birds, while in the sea not infrequently They may spot dolphins and sea turtles. The gently sloping seabed is perfect for a swim safely in this little paradise still unspoiled. The beach is free and equipped with only essential services, but it is really a show with, in addition, the characteristic, not common in this region, we can see the sun set over the water.

San Salvo Marina – Chieti


Photo: Franc. Paolo Gileno

Near the border with Molise, near the mouth of the river Trigno, it is located in San Salvo Marina beach. The long, wide beach of fine white sand is surrounded by large dunes that run parallel to the coast and give rise to an area with unique characteristics, under the protection of the Mediterranean Botanical Garden of San Salvo, the body that deals with the protection of ‘this ecosystem. Awarded the Blue Flag last year, this location enjoys the favors of a vast clientele from northern Europe. Chosen in preference to families with children in tow, in recent years, is emerging as a point of reference for summer young guests thanks to the many clubs and a nightlife that animates the day until late evening.


Those who love the natural beauty can not fail to fall in love with this region, for years engaged in the preservation of a unique heritage, one of the last in Europe still so wild and savage. From the peaks and inland parks, to the coastal zones a succession of wonders awaits visitors to experience that will remain etched in the hearts and long in the memory.




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