Basilicata (Italy): 9 beaches not to be missed

Basilicata geographically overlooks two seas: the Ionian side is characterized by low and sandy coasts, while the Tyrrhenian high conformation and has a predominantly rocky. In this stretch, the town is without doubt the most famous Maratea, in the province of Potenza. The mountain ranges that form the majority of its territory fall directly on the sea; at their slopes, the incessant activity erosive water formed bays and coves of exceptional beauty where the crystal blue sea joins in harmony with the white cliffs and the Mediterranean greenery.

Calette di Maratea, Maratea – Potenza


Overlooking the Gulf of Policastro, the Coves of Maratea are a number of small solitary beaches of gray sand that suddenly turn out to between spurs of rock and wild vegetation. Reachable only by boat or through paths not exactly easy, they offer their beauty to those who truly love the contact with nature and tranquility, as well as the scuba divers who can dive among the Posidonia meadows in its own waters.

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Cala Jannita, Maratea – Potenza


Cala Jannita is, however, one of the most famous and popular beaches. Also known as Black Beach because of the dark color of the sand, is a large stretch of beach surrounded by high cliffs topped by unspoiled forests that make up the Natural Park of Illicini and can be reached via one of the many trails that run through it . The presence of a cave, called the Sciabella, which opens on the turquoise hues of the sea, helps to increase the charm and beauty of the place.

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D’a Gnola Beach, Castrocucco, Maratea – Potenza


Quite different the landscape that surrounds the beach called d’a Gnola, in the hamlet of Castrocucco: long sandy coastline with fine behind the only stretch of plain present in the territory of Maratea. Equipped with equipped establishments, it is famous for its crystal clear waters and for being a very windy location and therefore particularly popular in the summer heat periods. Ideal for those holiday program with family and for lovers of swimming, even the less experienced, for the start of the seabed which gently slopes into the sea.

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La Secca, Castrocucco, Maratea – Potenza


Enough, though, a pleasant walk along the north side of the sandy, bordered by a rocky outcrop, to achieve, by means of a small path carved into the mountain, the Cala della Secca. Here seems to open up another world secluded from the chaos of the crowd and surrounded by cliffs overlooking the sea, a small beach of crushed stone offers its natural beauty to the true nature lovers and tranquility.

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Acquafredda, Maratea – Potenza


To the north of the massif of Serra del Tuono Region geographically marks the border with Campania. The stretch of high rocky coast which gives rise is marked by a series of sandy coves that make the resort, called Acquafredda, one of the most popular destinations of the town of Maratea. Small beaches Anginarra, Luppa, Portacquafridda and the Nun, accessible via trails or small staircases carved into the mountain, are small jewels placed in a sensational setting embellished by the presence of several caves in which they reflect the colors of the sea.

Photo: Ivana Bochicchio

Calaficarra, Marina di Maratea, Maratea – Potenza


The wild beauty of the Maratea coast is finally further expression in the Calaficarra beach, literally beach of Fig Tree but also known by the names of Santa Teresa Beach or Beach ‘the Don Carlo. Consists of a gravel beach and pebbles and divided essentially into three parts by rugged spurs inlaid rock from small caves overlooking the clear and transparent sea, it is one of the most sought after and appreciated. Complete the extraordinary natural landscape of the Falchetto Scoglio, about half of the shoreline, nesting site of a colony of peregrine falcons.


Lido di Metaponto, Bernalda – Matera


The Ionian coast, with different geographical features already mentioned, also offers seaside resorts of great interest not only from the point of view of nature and landscape, but also of great historical importance. Among these is the Lido di Metaponto, a hamlet of Bernalda in the province of Matera; these places, since the time of Ancient Greece, were the cradle of civilizations that have marked our history and that of Humanity. The bernaldese coast, with its stretches of soft sandy beach sloping into the clear sea of shallow waters, is one of the most famous and sought after tourist destinations.

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Nova Siri Marina – Matera


Long sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear sea characterize the coast on which stands Nova Siri Marina, in the province of Matera. Surrounded by lush and unspoiled Mediterranean pine forest, it is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday for the whole family.


Policoro – Matera


Wonderful, great sandy beach and shallow water also in the coast of Policoro, marine mouth of the Metaponto plain. The purity of the water and the ecosystem of the area are also evidenced by the fact that a particular its coastline, near the mouth of the river Sinni, still is chosen as the area of spawning by the Caretta Caretta turtle. What better place to spend a holiday in touch with nature?

Photo: domenico.martire


Seas and beaches that have been preserved untouched in time, a still untouched nature, care of the land, so many places rich in history, no frantic pace: Basilicata more than a great destination for the holidays is the opportunity for a wonderful adventure.




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