Beach holidays in August: 8 places to go

If you choose the month of August as the period for your beach vacation, it is good that you keep a few things into consideration before deciding your destination: Consider first that in this month, while in Italy it is the middle of summer, in many countries of the world is exactly the opposite season; Moreover, August is by far the busiest month so it’s always best to book well in advance of your trip.

Now that we have clarified some points, whereas in Italy all our coasts enjoy an excellent climate, with the beaches of Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria and Puglia waiting with open arms, we must keep in mind that not abroad is, for example, the best time to go to Asia and the Caribbean, while August is definitely the most suitable month to enjoy wonderful holidays in Greece, Croatia, Spain and Zanzibar.

So let us now, to learn more about these destinations, to be able to return home tanned and happy …
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Italy in August is characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate that settles around 30 ° C, with a water temperature ranging from 25 ° to 27 ° C, ensuring, especially in the regions of southern Italy, all days ‘teaches the bright sun and the beautiful sea. The islands of Sardinia and Sicily, Calabria and Puglia, with their magnificent coasts, offer the best you can find on the market at this time.



Photo: Gino Cao

Sardinia hides some of the most beautiful landscapes of our country. In fact, its coasts, made up of fine sand and clear sea, it is defined by many as the “Caribbean of Italy”. Ranging from north to south is very difficult to identify what may be the best beaches in Sardinia: the Asinara Gulf, the coast of Alghero, the beautiful bays of the Maddalena Archipelago, the Ogliastra region and the magnificent beaches of Villasimius offer all of exciting scenarios. Among these, the beach La Pelosa in Stintino or the Island Pink Beach of Budelli are just some of the many natural pearls of this beautiful island …



Photo: Elena

In Sicily you can swim almost all year, but in August the temperature reaches an average of 30 ° C, while that of water nearly 27 ° C, the latter characteristics, which make this magnificent island , by far one of the hottest regions of Italy. Accessible by ferries that depart from the main Italian ports or by air from major airports, Sicily with its Aeolian Islands, the Egadi, Pantelleria, Lampedusa, and Ustica and its magnificent coastal shores, encloses definitely some of the most beautiful beaches of Italy . Among the best beaches in Sicily are the protected marine area of Plemmirio near Syracuse, the spectacular Scala dei Turchi in Realmonte, the promontory of San Vito Lo Capo, the Zingaro Nature Reserve and the beautiful Isola Bella near Taormina.



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Reached along the famous highway Salerno – Reggio Calabria, recommended in August as busy, or by train or plane (thanks to the airports of Lamezia Terme, Reggio Calabria and Crotone), Calabria offers, with its diversified coast, many varieties of solutions for any type of tourist. The Calabria of the beaches are around 700 kilometers of coast: between the part Ionian and Tyrrhenian and the extreme tip of the peninsula, wind very different landscapes that alternate between them huge stretches of fine sand in the bays nestled between the headlands. Do not miss the Great Arch beach, a true hidden gem in the rocks, and the magnificent beaches of Tropea, with their inlets and caves.



Photo: Tarantino Vincenzo

In addition to the cultural heritage of all respect, Puglia offers unique stretches of sand in their kind and proves to be a viable alternative to enjoy your holiday in August. Since June, the Puglia shows a excellent climate which already allows bathing but, in August, the temperature reaches its peak, reaching around 30 ° C, with an average water of 24 ° C. From the coast Gargano to the Tremiti islands, the Salento coast until you get to the magnificent coasts of the Murgia territory, wherever the beaches of Puglia offer of certain beauty scenarios, such as, for example, the expanse of white pebbles Vignanotica or Polignano a Mare beach near Bari, just to name a few …



Photo: Nicoletta Ferrieri

The climate in Greece is typically Mediterranean, and for this reason, during the month of August, you might find in temperatures that reach 40 ° C, while the sea is not to be one of the warmest, but still reaches temperatures of around 24 ° C. Because of its characteristic landscapes, Greece, with its coasts and its beautiful islands, it offers a very diverse landscape. Among the most beautiful beaches of Greece mention the wreck beach of Zakynthos, the Balos Lagoon in Crete and that of Paradise Beach in Mykonos. If you are thinking of visiting this beautiful country, read our tips for a beach holiday in Greece.



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In the Croatian region of the Mediterranean coast the summer is by far the best to spend their holidays at sea. In this month, the temperatures settle around 29 ° C, while the sea come to 25 ° C. Through its islands, the coast of Istria, on the Dalmatian coast and the beaches of the Kvarner Gulf, Croatia expresses a charm of great interest. There are plenty of beaches in Croatia that is really worth visiting; the variety of the coastline has many offerings that satisfy even the most demanding tourist demand. In this beautiful country, we can find pristine beaches such as those of the island of Lastovo, stretches of fine sand as the beach of Zlatni Rat on the island of Brac, but also the most popular beaches such as Banje in Dubrovnik or Porec Brulo.



Photo: Carlotta Baudone

August is considered the hottest month of the year, so perfect for a beach holiday in Spain. The inner part of the country in this period reaches temperatures around 36 ° C, while the coasts are temperatures starting from 20 ° C of Galicia and Asturias to 27 ° C on the Mediterranean coast and its islands. The coasts of the Spanish scene has diversified offer that part of the coast of Catalonia and Andalusia, passing through those of Galicia and ends with the magnificent scenery of the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands. Accessible by car, train and plane, the beaches of Spain in this month are very busy, so it is definitely best to book several months in advance. Among the best beaches we can not help but to appoint Playa d’en Bossa in Ibiza and Corralejo in Fuerteventura.



Photo: Yoni Lerner

The climate of Zanzibar is tropical and is therefore subject to sudden changes; it is possible, in fact, that during a sunny day, present themselves for the duration of sudden rains, however, only a few minutes. The seasons in Zanzibar alternate between periods of heavy rainfall and hot and torrid months. August is one of the best months to visit its shores; the dry season, in this period, it protects from any surprise offering a temperature around 25 ° C, similar to that of the sea. In this corner of paradise, reachable with about 7 hours of flight, often it occurs the phenomenon of the tides, so it is very important to choose the area to spend your vacation. The Nungwi area, which has one of the most beautiful beaches of Zanzibar, is the one that suffers less this phenomenon and is also one of those, which records the largest number of local and tourist villages. The feature common to almost all the beaches of this beautiful island, is to offer a calm sea in the morning and slightly rough waters in the afternoon, so if you go to Zanzibar, it is worth considering this assumption, in order to avoid any unpleasant inconvenience …


As you have just seen, the seaside proposals to make your vacation in August are so many and all very valid, we recommend, however, considered the month, to begin to select locations several months before. You will avoid incurring unpleasant mishaps that could compromise the success of your holiday.




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