The 9 best places to do beach holidays in February

Among all those who belong to the large group of vacationers there is a modest group of those, I think by far be the lucky ones, who can have the opportunity to plan a vacation outside the normal or usual festivities periods more crowded.

February is definitely considered a transition month; Christmas holidays are over and the “official” holidays only come around Easter. If you have the opportunity to carve out some days off during this time, you can go in search of a beautiful beach and a turquoise sea wandering among thousands of locations around the world.

Now let’s see a quick rundown of some of the ideal destinations for beach holidays in February, moving from one part of the world… If, instead, you want to begin a month before, you can read our article on the best destinations for a beach holiday in January.



Photo: Debraj Ghosh

The best time to book a holiday in this beautiful archipelago is surely the one that corresponds to our winter. January and February are, in fact, the two months when the weather is dry and warm, and allows a pleasant holiday enjoying the beautiful sun and clear sea.

Zanzibar, also known as the Spice Island for its lush market of exotic spices and cloves, belongs to the state of Tanzania and is located off the East African coast. Its beaches, lapped by the Indian Ocean, have the whitest sand languages, the seabed rich in flora and very colorful fish.

Among the most beautiful beaches you should not miss: the stunning Nungwi, located in the extreme north of the island, famous for its sunsets; the Kiwengwa Beach along the east coast, a beautiful very fine sand with coconut palms; Jambiani on the south coast, known by the kite-surfers; Bwejuu on the south eastern coast, a quaint fishing village ideal for snorkeling; Uroa Bay where you can meet giant tortoises and Kizimkazi where you can often swim with the dolphins.

A holiday in Zanzibar will fascinate not only for the beauty of the landscape, but also for the African atmosphere that can be felt on the island with its stories and its myths to be discovered. Must visit Stone Town, an ancient stone city, with its castles, its narrow streets and the beautiful inlaid portals, will not fail to amaze you!

If you are still undecided about whether the month of February is really the one most suitable for your vacation, we tell you that, besides being able to enjoy almost deserted beaches and relaxing scenery, you’ll also have a chance to save compared to the months of high season see abundant tourist concentration. So why not start now to compare the prices of hotel and to plan their holiday to Zanzibar?



Photo: Stèphane Enten

The climate of the Seychelles is the typical humid tropical climate that brings so consistently high temperatures throughout the year. The temperature rarely rises above 32 degrees and at night drops below 20.

These beautiful islands scattered in the Indian Ocean off the African coast just south of the equator, are divided into two groups: a North we find the “inner islands” comprising the largest granite islands and also the most populated, like Mahé , where the capital Victoria, Praslin and La Digue. In the South, however, we discover the “outer islands”, coral atolls dishes that stretch to the southwest. The big difference between these two groups of islands lies in their design: the former are composed of majestic outcrops of granite rock shaped by wind and waves, sprinkled along the white beaches, the latter have coral atolls that seem gems scattered in the green sea cobalt.

Wild and uninhabited until about 200 years ago, these 115 islands have managed, even with the passing years, to retain their charm and their beauty. So, if you choose these places as your holiday destination, it means that you are looking for a quiet holiday in nature. With a few discos and nightclubs, and a very slow pace of life devoted mainly to relaxation, the Seychelles are the ideal destination for couples looking for a bit ‘of romance and intimacy.

Mahé, the main island, has protected beaches by coral reefs as Beau Vallon and Anse Intendance, while in Praslin you can not help but see the Valle de Mai, a natural reserve declared a World Heritage Site. The most photographed island by far though is La Digue that, in some of its beaches such as Anse Source d’Argent and Anse Cocos, shows the characteristics of limestone rocks scattered on the beach present in all the brochures depicting the island.

As for the beaches of the remaining islands, I strongly advise you not to miss Anse La Passe and Anse Lascars in Silhouette and Anse Victorin on Fregate Island… Of the real earthly paradises!



Photo: khoibinh

The best time to visit this fascinating country is the first part of February, the only one to be neither too wet nor too hot, so perfect to enjoy the beauties that this country can certainly reserve you.

Vietnam is a country with a great history behind it, the land of legends and great emperors, but also theater, unfortunately, of many wars. Perhaps, though, not many know that this country is also home to some wonderful beaches, perfect for a holiday full of beautiful sea and unspoiled landscapes. If you do not believe me, I can list at least five good reasons to stimulate your curiosity:

  • Ha Long Bay, in reality, is not a beach, but a bay in the Gulf of Tonkin that houses, inside, about 2,000 islands set with rock formations in the sea. Not to be missed.
  • Nha Trang is the most popular seaside resort on the central coast of southern Vietnam, which, with the reef, the hot springs and its 4 km of white sandy beach, you definitely won the gold medal of the beaches.
  • Phu Quoc, the largest island of Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand, with its beach and the fishing villages, is undoubtedly one of the unspoiled paradise for those who practice diving.
  • Hoi An is not only one of the most fascinating tourist city with an interesting history behind it, but also has one of the most beautiful beaches of central Vietnam area.
  • Mui Ne, with its 10 kilometers of beach ideal for windsurfing, surfing and kite surfing and sandy dunes to ride with the quad, is one of the most popular beaches in the south of Vietnam.

As I told you, do not underestimate this beautiful country. Even from the economic point of view, going on holiday to the sea in Vietnam it means being able to save money on holiday, much more than many other destinations.



Photo: GreenArcher04

The Philippine Islands, located in the Southeast Asia Pacific, enjoy a hot and humid tropical climate, tempered by the constant blowing of the sea breeze that accompanies most of the days. In this archipelago, as in much of Southeast Asia, the monsoons are regulating seasons, decreeing the dry and cool in the period from December to February.

The archipelago consists of more than 7000 islands, but about 20% of the entire population living in the surrounding area of Manila, the capital. On these beautiful islands you are located many of the most beautiful beaches on the planet; In fact, for this reason, the Philippines represent the exotic destination par excellence for all diving enthusiasts or those who simply prefer to bask in the sun.

It is not easy to suggest some beach over another, they are all beautiful and worthy of an unforgettable trip. I’d like to tell you about El Nido in Palawan, considered the last frontier of the Philippines, a group of small islands and beautiful bays hidden between cliffs emerging from the emerald green sea, or White Beach in Boracay, surrounded by turquoise waters and restaurants that stay open until dawn, and Bohol, with its “chocolate hills” and beaches lapped by the waterfalls of the rainforest. How can we forget, finally, Siargao, marked by high waves and therefore a destination for surfers from around the world, or Camiguin, the island of the seven volcanoes with its hot springs?

As you understand, I could stay hours to speak to the Philippines, are really of the really exciting islands!

Dominican Republic


Photo: Fer Figheras

Now we fly halfway around the world and let’s jump in the Dominican Republic. The month of February is undoubtedly one of the best to visit this country: the chance of precipitation is minimal, you can enjoy a climate that varies from 19 to 29 ° C, with a water temperature of about 26 degrees, and hotel prices are much lower compared to the summer season. The Dominican Republic borders Haiti and is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and to the south by the Caribbean Sea. Its capital is Santo Domingo where you will find many of the most visited beaches by tourists from around the world.

We begin, then, with Punta Cana and Bavaro that, with their sandy beaches, crystal clear water and palm trees lapping on the sea, are perhaps the most popular tourist destinations; we continue with the Saône, a small island located in the southeast part of the Eastern National Park where human presence is reduced to the few fishermen of a small village; we move to Playa Boca Chica, placed in the shelter of the coral reef and an ideal destination for deep sea fishing enthusiasts and arrive in Bahia De Las Aguilas, considered one of the few remaining pristine beaches and dream of every photographer to the variety of colors of its waters, accessible only by sea or through a rough path.

Do not miss Cabarete, one of the ten best beaches in the world for Kiteboarding enthusiasts; Playa Grande, from honey-colored sand, and Sosua Bay, one of the most famous beaches of the north coast because it divides a city in two, on the one hand and on the other Los Charamicos El Batey, newer and Tourism.

If you love the Caribbean rhythm of salsa and bachata fact, you can not imagine yourself dancing barefoot on the sand of one of these beautiful beaches!



Photo: Victoria Calligo y Solivella

We continue with the pace and talk of Brazil. Here the summer goes from December to February and temperatures even reach 40 degrees with a percentage of generally high humidity. This is, certainly, the most lively and cheerful period of the year: the majority of Brazilians often flees from their apartments, always very warm, to pour into the streets and on the beaches chanting cheerful melodies. The festival reaches its climax precisely in February with the famous Rio Carnival. It announces that this year’s carnival will begin on February 13 and ends on the 17th and will surely be a more than satisfactory excuse to travel to this wonderful country.

Since we have found a great reason to go to Brazil at this time, now also I suggest you some of the beaches should not miss. As well as Copacabana and Ipanema, the most popular beaches, Brazil offers many pristine expanses can visit as Jericoacoara, with its huge rock arch that unites the dunes to the sea, or Baia do Sancho on the island protected from Fernando de Noronha, where during the day only a few hundred people are admitted. Also worth visiting Taipus de Fora, on the Maraú Peninsula, with its wonderful natural swimming pool and must not forget Alter do Chao, a beautiful beach on the banks of a river in the Amazon rainforest. In short, Brazil is a real treasure to be discovered.

Los Roques – Venezuela


Photo: Erik Cleves Kristensen

Los Roques is a coralline archipelago located in the Caribbean in front of the Venezuelan Sea. Beloved by many vacationers in this period, has, in fact, two major characteristics that distinguish it in a very positive way by all the other towns in this part of the continent. The first advantage is the lack of rain, you think that the average annual rainfall appears to be less than 20 ml, well below even that of Lampedusa. The second prerogative consists in the complete absence of hurricane: in fact, when in the other Caribbean islands have to keep an eye on the weather forecast, often in this archipelago are to take refuge sailboats scattered across the Antilles.

A nature park accessible by air with a stopover in Caracas, this is Los Roques. Of about 350 islands, only four of them are inhabited and the only way to stay there are the famous posadas, small family structures decorated in a very minimalist style.

As I said, a real natural paradise inhabited by an incredible variety of birds, fish and turtles. Very popular is also the coral reefs surrounding the islands: in the first ten meter dive, the explorers of the deep may encounter in the depths of Los Roques meadows of sea fans, corals of all colors and huge size fish (the point interesting for this observation is the southern reef where you have a higher visibility, up to 60 meters).

In this unspoiled paradise it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Cayo de Agua. Its pink sand as fine as talcum powder and its wonderful sea welcome no more than 45 visitors a day, a true splendor! There are, however, many other equally unique beaches and not to be missed: Crasqui, with its long stretch of sand, Boca de Sebastopol and Boca de Cote, ideal for snorkeling, and Noronquises, known for the turtles and the biological station their breeding.



Photo: Andrea Costa

Egypt is undoubtedly one of the low cost destinations to consider in the month of February; thanks to the many tourist offers, can definitely be the least expensive alternative for a holiday of sea and sun.

The climate has two seasons: a hot summer from May to October and a mild winter between November and April. Travel to Egypt in February means finding a good temperature throughout the day, a sea water around 22 degrees and a slight breeze during the evening: of course riscontrerete definitely a temperature range between day and night, but nothing that a jacket light can not be solved.

All the beaches of the various resort overlooking the reef, more or less distant, and offer tourists how much more fun it can be to spend a wonderful day: excursions on the islands, snorkeling, boating, windsurfing, diving, hiking with quad and much more.

The locations to be considered are very many: you can start from Sharm el-Sheikh, with Naama Bay and the beautiful coral reef, through Hurghada, Al Mahmya and Sharm El Naga, with its red cliffs, arriving at Marsa Alam, Sharm El Luli and atolls of El Kula’an. Finally, Marsa Matrouh, the last frontier of Egyptian tourism, with its wild Ageeba Beach and the Cleopatra Bath, a lovely place known right from the days of Queen. Not bad for only a few hours flight from Italy …



Photo: Alexander Rieser

Another destination in a few hours from Italy are definitely the Canary Islands, the Spanish archipelago of nine islands in the short placed away from the coast of Morocco and all of volcanic origin. The seven largest islands are individually and in the period of February represent an excellent alternative to enjoy a varied range of accommodation available and satisfy any kind of tourist. The climate is mild and varies from a minimum of 15 ° C to a maximum of 21 ° C, while the water temperature in this period is about 19 degrees.

The islands, because of their position, have different characteristics. El Hierro is a popular destination for divers from all over the world for its fishing grounds and also boasts the natural pools of Maceta; La Palma is a real natural habitat, with Nogales beach that looks like a black tongue embedded in the green of the cliffs; on La Gomera living species of plants that have disappeared millions of years and the Hermigua Beach, set among dark reliefs, is a treasure yet to be discovered; Tenerife, with Playa Las Teresitas, Playa Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Playa Jardin, Playa del Duque and the pristine El Bollullo, certainly offers plenty of choice; Gran Canaria, with its worldly beaches like Playa Del Ingles, Maspalomas and Las Canteras; Fuerteventura, the kingdom of surfers with the coast of Corralejo and its beautiful dunes, Lanzarote and finally that, with Famara and especially Papagayo, offers an almost surreal atmosphere of another planet dare I say …


Go wherever your heart takes you, but, if you have the opportunity to travel in February, I assure you that this month is a great time to unwind, recharge your batteries and return home with the mind and the body regenerated. So if you can, you seize the moment… certainly will not regret it!




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