The 18 best beaches in Sicily

Sicily is one of the most beautiful Italian regions. Rich in tradition, each year is visited by many tourists, attracted by the location, visit the architectural and natural beauty that Sicily has to offer. The region is especially visited in summer; during the period from May to October, tourists can spend their holidays in the wonderful beaches, enjoy the beautiful beaches and dive in crystal clear waters.

Sicily is well connected to the rest of Italy; you can reach the island is by air is by sea, with ferries and hydrofoils that perform various daily routes. Everyone can find in Sicily the holiday you look. Who wants to spend days of relaxation and tranquility can visit the many places of archaeological interest. But the one who is looking for fun and adventure will be satisfied thanks to the many local present and beaches filled with people who are open and jovial.

The island is characterized by a wide variety of coasts and coasts, it is the perfect place for those who love the sea. Here then is a list of some of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily.

Isola dei Conigli, Lampedusa – Agrigento Province

Coordinates 35°30′36″N 12°33′31″E




The Rabbit Island is a fabulous place; considered by experts one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by Tripadvisor users the best of Italy in the year 2014. Its nature is wild and pristine and the water is crystal clear as a few in the world. The island, connected to the west coast of Lampedusa by a thin 30 meters long strip of sand, is part of the protected zones by Legambiente. Wonderful sea caves that can be seen in the rocky walls.

Photo: Simone Carletti | Roberto

San Vito Lo Capo – Trapani

Coordinates 38°10′00″N 12°45′00″E





The wonderful promontory of San Vito Lo Capo, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and is located between the Gulf of Macari, the Zingaro Nature Reserve and the Gulf of Castellammare. It offers varied landscapes: there is 3 kilometers Caribbean Beach is the sheer cliffs, ideal for lovers of climbing and trekking.

Photo: Dario Sasso

Zingaro nature reserve – Trapani

Coordinates 38°6’8″N 12°46’47″E



The Zingaro is located between Cala Mazzo di Sciacca and Tonnarella dell’Uzzo and is part of the town of San Vito lo Capo and Castellammare del Golfo. The charm and beauty of the reserve are such as to astonish the thousands of visitors who visit it every year. To fully enjoy the wonders of the area and take in the coves is advisable to visit it by boat or speedboat. Excellent bottoms that offer a huge variety of fish.

Photo: Anthony Cafeo

Cala Tonnarella dell’Uzzo, Riserva dello Zingaro


Photo: Giuseppe Ferrante

Mondello – Palermo

Coordinates 38°06′56″N 13°21′41″E


Mondello Beach is located between Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo. The lidos of the locations are always packed in the summer months and represent the best solution for those who want to relax and comfort, combined with the beauty of the place. The seabed is characteristic: it is completely sandy and remains low for many meters.

Photo: Ferdinando Aronica

Isola Bella, Taormina – Messina

Coordinates 37°51′01″N 15°18′03″E



Isola Bella, also known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”, is an island in the Ionian Sea located off the coast of Taormina, reachable on foot through a stretch of sand that is covered in high tide conditions. Remarkable is the vegetation; the island can be visited through the many paths adorned with flowers and bushes. An adventure for young and old!

Levanzo, Egadi Islands – Trapani

Coordinates 37°59′59″N 12°20′04″E


The island of Levanzo, the smallest of the Aegean archipelago, extends for about 5 square kilometers. Here you can visit the numerous caves; the most famous is that of the Genovese. We recommend a hike or a boat trip to enjoy all shades and colors of the sea, to admire the island’s coves and picturesque white houses near the coast. It’s definitely worth plunging into the waters of Cala del Stack, Cala Tramontana and Cala Fredda.

Photo: Duscia Filippo

Marine Protected Area Plemmirio – Siracusa

Coordinates 37°05′00″N 15°17′00″E



Here you will not find beaches; Plemmirio is, in fact, made up exclusively of cliffs. The area is a protected natural area located in the eastern part of the Peninsula della Maddalena, including Castelluccio Point and Capo Murro di Porco. Very interesting from a naturalistic point of view and fauna, the area also boasts some archaeological and historical artifacts of all respect. Since ancient times, the area was plowed by the sea routes of the Carthaginian ships, Roman and Greek.

Photo: Giuseppe 

Favignana, Egadi – Trapani

Coordinates 37°56′00″N 12°20′00″E
Cala Azzurra, Favignana


The island of Favignana has about 33 km of bays, coves and beaches. The water is crystal clear and the coast of a cliff consists of flat rocks where you can stretch out to sunbathe. One of the most popular areas of the island along with Cala Azzurra, Cala Rossa (reached via a long descent) owes its name to the blood that colored the sea during the Punic Wars. We recommend boat Cala Bianca and also visit the Cave of Lovers, with two similar rocks placed one next to the other.

Photo: Giovanni

Cala Rossa, Favignana


Photo: Laura

Grotta degli Innamorati, Favignana


Photo: Massimo Prencipe

Scopello, Castellammare del Golfo – Trapani

Coordinates 38°04′13″N 12°49′05″E




Scopello is a beautiful beach formed by creeks; the first you come to is Guidaloca, with its enchanting colors, depths and fish. The beach consists of a bay that includes many beaches and many bars to cool off. Ideal for families, young people and for those who like to camp in contact with nature.

Photo: Alessio 

Giardini Naxos – Messina

Coordinates 37°50′00″N 15°16′00″E


The beach of Giardini Naxos is located on the seafront Schisò and it is a cozy bay characterized by a clear sea. From here, you can observe the beautiful historic center that overlooks the beach. Many beach resorts that host tourists, families and young people looking for fun.

Photo: Lucia Uccellatore

Scala dei Turchi, Realmonte – Agrigento

Coordinates 37°17’25″N 13°28’21″E


The beautiful town of Realmonte includes the spectacular scale of the Turks, not far from Agrigento and Porto Empedocle. Here stands a large cliff overlooking the sea formed by limestone of a characteristic white color. The sides of the cliff is the beach characterized by very fine sand. The name of this area comes from the fact that the sea, over the years, has dug the steps along the side of the rock making it look like a giant scale.

Photo: Antonio D’Emanuele

Calamosche, Noto – Siracusa

Coordinates 36°49’28″N 15°6’21″E


Calamosche is set in beautiful natural surroundings; It is, in fact, including the archeology area of Eloro and Vendicari nature reserve. It is one of the most crowded beaches because of the beauty of the coast of Syracuse. The landscape is unique: the beach is located between various headlands and is not easily accessible. Recommended for those who enjoy walks in unspoilt nature.

Photo: Dario Moriella

Lipari, Eolie – Messina

Coordinates 38°32′N 14°54′E / 38.533333°N


Lipari’s beaches are among the most visited in all of Sicily. Of note is the white beach, the color of which is due to the clear bottom, filled with pumice sediments that were deposited in the sea. Even the beautiful beaches of Praia di Vinci, where you can practice different sports such as snorkeling, those of Canneto and Acquacalda.

Photo: Flavio Leone

Vulcano, Eolie – Messina

Coordinates 38°24′N 14°58′E


The island of Vulcano in the Aeolian islands, is very famous for its black beaches, due to the volcanic sand. The beach has crystal clear water, pure and very clear. To visit the Fumarole beach, that of Mulberry and Donkey.

Photo: Ondablv

Pantelleria – Trapani

Coordinates 36°47′27″N 11°59′38″E


In Pantelleria are found, instead, a rocky cost. The island is characterized by cliffs that stand out on the sea, volcanic eruptions and numerous caves. Excellent location for lovers of hiking, long walks and for those who practice trekking.

Marina di Ragusa – Ragusa

Coordinates 36°47′05″N 14°33′01″E


Ragusa offers about 50 kilometers of pristine beaches, from the town of Pozzallo to Scoglitti. They follow each other beach resorts that offer tourists comfort, relaxation and entertainment. The coast is the best place for young people looking for a clean and clear sea, but also of bars, pubs and restaurants. To end the day, walking on the boardwalk are very romantic and pleasant.

Photo: AstroAlbert

Spiaggia delle Formiche, Portopalo di Capo Passero – Siracusa

Coordinates 36°41′10″N 15°08′10″E


Ants of the beach is made up of golden sand beaches interspersed with cliffs, all surrounded by a blue and transparent sea. Its location makes it difficult to reach by land, better get there by sea.

Photo: Santo Privitera‎

Spiaggia di Marinello, Oliveri – Messina





Flaps spectacular sand surrounding the Marinello Lakes, at the foot of the promontory of Capo Tindari where you can enjoy a splendid view. This is the beach of Marinello in the province of Messina. Unceasingly shaped by marine currents, sandbars enclosing some salty ponds perfect for a bathroom.

Photo: Reyes | Tarantino Vincenzo | Starbuck Powersurge | Giuseppe Sortino




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