The 14 best Caribbean beaches

How many times we wondered what are the most beautiful beaches in the world and we have discussed with our friends by offering each of us his favorite? I think I do not hurt anyone if I say that the beaches in the Caribbean are undoubtedly constantly in our thoughts and imprinted in our minds when we think of a ranking of the most beautiful beaches in the world or when we have to decide where to spend our “popular” holidays.

They are one of the most requested by tourists, coming from various parts of the world destinations, which every year go to visit them: white or pink sand, and crystal clear water, a hot sun that can warm our heart and our soul , this is the Caribbean world. We see, then, what are the 12 most popular beaches to give you some valid suggestions in case you want to practice your idea for the next trip.

Grace Bay, Providenciales – Turks & Caicos

provvidennce 1

Photo: Matthew Straubmuller

A “postcard” beach: with its 20 kilometers of fine white sand like talcum powder, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is located along the northeast coast of Providenciales, the main island in the group of the Caicos archipelago of the Bahamas.

Grace Bay is protected by a long reef, and is included in the Princess Alexandra National Park, sea and coastal very popular with snorkelers for turtles and lobsters visible at this shallow reef tract. According to many, the sea of Grace Bay is one of the best in the world: hot water, never algae, colorful fish, the colors of a swimming pool in a natural sea, absolutely a place not to be missed…

Flamenco Beach, Culebra – Puerto Rico

flamengo beach

Photo: Mina Thabet

Flamenco Beach is considered the second most beautiful beach in the world by the Discovery Channel and is by far the most popular beach in Culebra and the most beautiful of all Puerto Rico. Sea colors ranging from blue to emerald green, the sand is warm and fine. It is also equipped to spend an unforgettable day full of relaxation and comfort, however, careful to bring an insecticide because, toward the sunset, having a lot of vegetation behind, may surprise hordes of small insects that are never very pleasant to meet.

A special feature of the beach: there are two tanks marked by time able to intrigue many tourists who do not expect certain to see these war relics just sand on the beach.

Playa Paraiso Beach, Cayo Largo – Cuba

paradiso 1

Photo: dawn =^..^=

Playa Paraiso is located in Cayo Largo, coral island belonging to Cuba. Peace, tranquility, a single kiosk few meters and little crowds allow visitors to this beautiful beach to enjoy an enviable peace despite part of one of the most popular places in the world.

Also recommended for families with children, thanks to the presence of a lagoon with shallow water, Playa Paraiso can definitely personify our dream come true, to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba and the world. The turquoise water and nearly always calm sea will allow you to swim with lots of schools of fish and admire stunning sea stars that, it seems, here are able to reach extraordinary dimensions.

The Baths, Virgin Gorda – British Virgin Islands

the bath's 1

Photo: Trey Ratcliff

Virgin Gorda is undoubtedly the most exclusive and famous archipelago of the British Virgin Islands. In the nineteenth century it was famous for being the most important port of these islands, now, however, it is known thanks to its sea caves and a geological feature called The Baths, a natural pool surrounded by huge rocks.

Here the beauty of the beach and the sea is not the most obvious feature, the true and only attraction that makes this truly unique place is formed by the boulders on the sand spit. you can not miss this wonder of nature: the beach, in fact, is divided in two by this step in the rocks that seem to have been specially made to create this spectacular cave. With the rise of the tide, the cave is filled with brightening water is a clear blue.

A true amusement park for your children, facing the path, you will feel all the little explorers. A unique place that is definitely worth visiting …
To learn more see also the article on The Baths.

Eagle Beach – Aruba

eagle beach 1

Photo: Chris Ford

There is also sometimes wild, Eagle Beach is an excellent choice for lovers of open spaces and relaxation. The beach is located on the island of Aruba, a few kilometers from the Venezuelan coast. Clean and quiet, with crystal clear sea, a pleasant wind and a fine sand always at a pleasant temperature, this beach offers visitors the particularity of being able to attend many weddings celebrated on its coastline. Aruba, in fact, is one of the most popular destinations for celebrations thanks to the particular location that boasts.

Although it is located a few kilometers from the capital Oranjestad, this beach remains an oasis of tranquility where you can enjoy long walks on the fine sand, or see breathtaking sunsets without being immersed in the crowd. If you find yourself walking over there, do not miss an encounter with the so-called “Watapana” or “divi-divi”, the famous trees all permanently sculpted into graceful shapes bent to the south-west by eliseo wind blowing on the island; real “masterpieces of nature” with very particular forms.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island – Bahamas


Photo: Mike’s Birds

We are on the island of Harbour Island, part of the archipelago of the Bahamas, accessible only by boat and can be visited only on foot. On this island it is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the world: Pink Sand Beach.

Almost five kilometers of fine sand, a lovely pink and incredibly empty in almost all seasons, in this way presents Pink Sand Beach. The sand, composed of fragments of coral, shells, rocks and calcium carbonate, assumes that color due to the presence of tiny organisms with the pink shell that are transported to shore by the waves. This beach, not much frequented by the locals, is a paradise instead appreciated by tourists from around the world for its privacy and beauty.

For diving enthusiasts, Harbour Island boasts one of the best dive sites in the world, Current Cut Dive.

Seven Mile Beach, George Town, Grand Cayman – Cayman Islands

seven beach

Photo: Ken Badgley

Seven Mile Beach is a beautiful long public beach of white coral sand crescent shape about ten kilometers and located on the west coast of Grand Cayman. Not far from the port berthing of cruise ships, for this destination of many ports, this beautiful beach is very popular thanks to the temperature of its water always hot on average, and the thousand amusements that you can entertain on the same.

Apart from the area where there are plenty of bars and restaurants if we walk along the beach, you can reach corners where you do not meet virtually any living soul; real relaxing corners where, under the protection of beautiful thick trees and manicured, you can lie and listen to the waves crashing on the shore. Many of the most beautiful resort of Grand Cayman are located right on this beach … and how to blame them, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean.

Bayahibe – Dominican Republic


Photo: Clive Gutteridge

Bayahibe is a small fishing village located 30 kilometers from the airport of La Romana in the Dominican Republic. Inhabited only by a few fishermen, this village in recent years has become one of the most popular destinations for scuba divers worldwide. Situated within the Eastern National Park, this beach is designated as the starting point of the catamarans that leave to explore the sunken wrecks in the area: Atlantic Princess, St George and Coco, three wonderful dives not to be missed if you are experienced divers.

The beach is very beautiful with relatively warm water and shallow water. The locals, as in most of the Caribbean, are very smiling and happy, always ready to show you their souvenirs accompanying you to the craft market that is located behind the same beach … a great way to buy a souvenir of the trip definitely a very affordable price!

Seven Mile Beach, Negril – Jamaica



Refreshed and relaxed … they certainly are the first impressions that you can try on Seven Mile Beach in Negril in Jamaica. Yes, because obviously those who went to Jamaica must fully enter his renowned lifestyle: pure relaxation from every point of view. We are therefore talking about seven kilometers of white beach dotted with hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants and discos where the life rhythm is constantly scanned for “reggae”. Here to talk about the sea and the sand becomes superfluous, this’ island is much more …

The colors, the smells and especially his music make Jamaica a place of where you are unlikely to forget. Just a tip: this beach, because of the erosion of the sea, is likely to disappear in a few years, so try to visit it as soon as possible, it certainly is worth it.

Varadero Beach, Varadero – Cuba


Photo: Gabriel Rodríguez

Who he was not in Cuba raise your hand! It would be appropriate to say, considering that the island is definitely one of the best known destinations for vacationers from around the world. We see, however, to delve into the reasons for this choice: firstly Varadero Cubans say “No es Cuba, son los Estados Unidos” (it is not Cuba, it is the United States) and this should already make you understand the very nature of the tourist city and its beach.

In fact, for this reason, the Varadero beach is defined a little ‘the “Rimini” Caribbean: beware though Rimini, yes, but for what concerns its entertainment, certainly not with regard to the sand and the sea that are typically Caribbean. Recognizable by its typical thatched umbrellas, the beach of Varadero is definitely one of the most beautiful on the island, not coincidentally around it rise the most important Cuban resort. Its long stretch of sand makes it also very suitable for great walks .

As I said, it is one of the most sought after destinations by the Italians for a vacation in Cuba because he has the particularity, unlike other Caribbean destinations, enjoy a discreet climate even in the months of June, July and August, which are those that coincide with the most of our “long-awaited” holidays; the months of February and May, however, the most advised because the windiest.

Trunk Bay, St. John – Virgin Islands


Photo: Photographer

In contrast to the Bahamas, the Cayman, the Turks & Caicos Islands and other islands relatively flat and without vegetation, St. John is an incredible explosion of green that you do not expect in a small Caribbean island. wild island that is part of the Natural Park of the Virgin Islands, this is St. John.

Trunk Bay is surrounded by green hills with houses scattered here and there, it is accessed necessarily coming from a port in the car and to stop on the beach you have to pay a ticket of about $ 4. soft, white sand and crystal clear water will cheer your day, even if we’ll have a little ‘luck you can swim with the turtles, a unique feeling …

Beware, though, the best way to see it is to keep in mind how many cruise ships are docked at its port, try not to go there when it’s super busy, you would lose the magic that this beach knows release.

Englishman’s Bay – Trinidad and Tobago

trinidad tobago

Photo: Thomas Palmen

Englishman’s Bay is a natural crescent nestled between two headlands filled with vegetation: a jewel of nature. It is 50 minutes’ drive north of Scarborough (or about an hour’s drive east of Crown Point), on the island of Tobago coast, east of Venezuela.

With its rich colorful coral reef and colorful fish behind the rainforest inhabited by more than 100 species of birds and butterflies, this beach fully represents the “Caribbean Dream”. Not suitable for families with children, because the seabed slopes down quickly, Englishman’s Bay is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the quiet moments immersed in nature.

A special feature of this paradise are the “skin-black” turtles, which come ashore in the months of March to June to nest. Guided by the experts, you can see them at night (May to August) as they begin their journey to the sea, really exciting experience.


Although almost 3000 km separating, as the crow flies, the Bahamas (the country further north) from Trinidad & Tobago (furthest to the south), the climate of the Caribbean Sea is constant and temperatures hardly drop below 20 degrees . For all the islands, the best time to visit is still one that runs from November to May, the months when you do not incur heavy rains or hurricanes risk.

In short, they are crowded or deserted, difficult to reach or easily accessible to all, the beaches of the Caribbean can not miss the collection of photographs of your holiday album … so I wish you all a safe journey and enjoy!




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