Canary Islands: the best beaches

If you are looking for lunar landscapes and very black wet sand by a transparent sea, then your next destination is the Canary Islands! These so fascinating and exotic islands are, for the mild climate enjoyed throughout the year, a good alternative for those who are looking for a summer break in the dead of winter (you’ve already read what are the best places for a holiday in February?), but also a cool summer in the sun and the beautiful sea. The geographical location of these beautiful islands can, in fact, to trade winds of the Atlantic to mitigate their climate all year, allowing them to become very often the most sought after destinations by tourists from all over the world and among the best destinations for a holiday in Spain.

There are seven main islands that make up the archipelago of the Canary Islands: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, all with the very similar shape, but with distinct characteristics. If Fuerteventura is famous for the beauty of its beaches, El Hierro, however, possesses the renowned seabed around the world. Gran Canaria is famous for its natural parks, while La Palma is known for its three volcanoes. If La Gomera boasts a pristine tropical hinterland, in Lanzarote are the magnificent black beaches, while Tenerife is home to the highest volcano of the archipelago … In short, a spectacular variety of landscapes to be discovered and above all different from each other !

Once you have chosen what is the most appropriate destination for you, you can compare the prices of hotel and go immediately in search of the one that best suits your needs. There are so many offers that you can enjoy if you decide to travel away from the high season months (July, August) characterized by large crowds of tourists.

It’s time to create a panoramic going to touch every single island showing some of the finest beaches in Spain. Follow me on this journey that you will discover very interesting actually present even outside of the most popular islands, you may be surprised by their beauty and definitely have some good tips for planning a future vacation …

Beaches of La Palma (Nogales)


Photo: Alexis Martin

Through a path that winds through fields of banana trees and ends with a path leading down from the cliff, you arrive in one of the most beautiful beaches of La Palma: Nogales. The beach is one of the longest of the Canary Islands as an extension and certainly one of the most visited thanks to the landscape that offers the view of the same from the top of the imposing cliff.

Located north of Puntallana, with its majestic rock wall is always very protected from the wind. The same cliff, in the late afternoon hours, puts in the shade the whole beach, so I suggest to all those who do not want to miss the beauty of the landscape, to go early in the morning. Attention to the sea, being part of the Atlantic Ocean, sometimes presents little waves for beginner swimmers.

The island of La Palma is undoubtedly the island for nature lovers. UNESCO World Heritage Site, is perfectly suited to the hiker tourist in search of unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenery: rock climbing, trekking and mountain biking and caving routes will satisfy even the most demanding tourist in this field.

Point out, moreover, that on this beautiful island you will find, at the observatory on Mount Roque de Los Muchachos, the largest telescope in the world, present on this island due to the total absence of light pollution and the particular clarity of the night sky .

Beaches of Lanzarote (Papagayo)


Photo: Wikipedia

Lanzarote is one of the best known islands of the Canaries and owes its name to Lanzerotto Malocello, the Genoese navigator, born in Varazze, who first discovered it in 1312. The appearance of lunar lava with black rocks that contrast with the foam of ‘ ocean, the beautiful golden sandy beaches, its clear sea and the beautiful cliffs overlooking the islets undoubtedly make Lanzarote one of the most popular tourist destinations when it comes to the Canaries.

The island’s main town is Arrecife, where they land all direct flights to Lanzarote, while the most important tourist attraction is the Timanfaya National Park (located in the western part of the island), inside which you can admire the extinct volcanoes, a true spectacle of nature! One of the greatest beauties of the island, as far as the beaches, appears to be the magnificent Papagayo, east of the tourist resort of Playa Blanca. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Canaries, this beautiful stretch of golden sand has a transparent sea that has nothing to envy that much of the Caribbean known.

In fact, Papagayo encompasses a series of all very beautiful coves, protected from wind and waves, reached by a dirt road. You can reach by car, paying the cost of the entrance fee of 3 € or free mountain bike along a coastal rocky path. The beach is devoid of any equipment, but swim in its wonderful sea I assure you transmit an unforgettable experience!

Beaches in Gran Canaria (Maspalomas)


Photo: Pedro Szekely

We are now in Gran Canaria, the third largest island in the archipelago. This island is a real “continent in miniature”, as it is composed of a variety of climates and landscapes that are rarely found in such a small environment … The most tourists are concentrated in the south of the island, the place less exposed to rain where there is also the beautiful nature park Palmitos Park, while the main bathing areas unfold in the central and eastern part of the southern coast.

As I mentioned before, Gran Canaria is definitely the island of contrasts: in short spaces can be found stretches of sand dunes that are mixed with the green mountains topped by the presence of some of the most beautiful hotels and bars throughout Europe, certainly a truly fascinating landscape. Nearly 60 kilometers of beaches stretch along the coast of this island offering a variety of alternatives for any kind of tourist: expanses of sand for families such as San Agustín and Puerto de Mogan and the busiest beaches such as Puerto Rico. One of the most beautiful, though, definitely remains to Maspalomas.

This magnificent resort has about 17 kilometers of beach interspersed with stunning sand dunes. Its deep waters and wonderful climate during all times of the year make it certainly one of the busiest places on the island. One of the attractions not to miss in this area is definitely the lighthouse who first saw the arrival of tourists from around the world and remains a witness of romantic walks, the honeymoon and beautiful bathrooms that can be made in this lovely setting .

It is noted that, at the western end of Maspalomas, lies El Oasis: bordered by a natural lagoon and surrounded by palm trees, home to hundreds of migratory birds from Europe that stop here during their trip to Africa. Definitely a naturalistic framework not to be missed!

Beaches of Tenerife (Las Teresitas)


Photo: vil-sandi

Of marked volcanic origin and with many active volcanoes (the Pico del Teide, at 3,718 meters, is the most high), Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands. Known as the island of eternal spring, thanks to its climate always tempered, a beach holiday in Tenerife is the most beautiful thing you could want. This island, in fact, has various cultural events, entertainment and leisure, in addition to museums and historical and natural character of settlements, which make it very interesting for the visitor.

That ensure that very high numbers of tourists from both Europe and America, in Tenerife there are two airports (one north and one south of the island) and a well-stocked port in Santa Cruz. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife, Playa de Las Teresitas is the main beach in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the only non-volcanic, about 7 kilometers from the city center on the north side of the island. Located at the foot of the mountains of Anaga, and then out of the wind, with its placid waters, its golden sand and palm trees that provide shelter from the sun is considered one of the island’s best beaches.

This beach is, in fact, a true masterpiece from the man who created, bringing sand from the Sahara desert, building an underwater barrier breaker-wave effect, planting of magnificent palm trees and building a beautiful walk, has managed to achieve a beautiful setting that has nothing to envy to the most famous Caribbean beaches. Teresitas has also all the facilities: you can reach by bus or by sea, has ample parking, a health club, a playground, sun beds and umbrellas, toilets, restaurants and various sports equipment rental for points water. In short, it will certainly not be disappointed by the comfort they can offer.

If you love photography, I suggest you climb on San Andrés, where you’ll find along the way a “mirador” to be able to admire in all its beauty!

Beaches in Fuerteventura (Corralejo)


Photo: dicau58

Fuerteventura, by the locals called “Fuerte”, is the second largest island of the Canary archipelago in size. Unlike her sisters, the island is not strongly characterized by massive cliffs and volcanoes; perhaps for this reason, the winds here are the masters giving wonderful emotions to all lovers of water sports related to the sea breeze.

From geological point of view, Fuerteventura is considered the oldest of the Canary Islands. Its strange form was, in fact, created by a series of volcanic eruptions several years ago. Due to its proximity with Morocco, it is considered the most African of the islands and, in fact, the sand dunes that characterize it, in contrast with the blue of the ocean, very often recall the beauty of the African coast …

The holidays on this island are a perfect mix of sea life, relaxation, water sports, but also wonderful discoveries characteristic places. One of the most important is surely the National Park of the Dunes of Corralejo. His visit, in fact, a truly unique experience: coming from Puerto del Rosario street, suddenly abandons the landscape of red and brown tones of volcanoes and you are suddenly catapulted into an undulating expanse of nearly white sand, a real desert in miniature, but with sea views. A scene not to be missed!

Corralejo, considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura, it was a small fishing village that in recent years, has undergone a major transformation to become one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. Its beaches, which stretch on the east coast of the island and are part of the park, have, in some places, a low tide characteristic that favors the formation of wonderful reef pools. The area, thanks to the wind always present, is very frequented mainly by surfers, windsurfing and kiteboarding that never miss their appointment with its towering waves. If you want to enjoy the magical scent of African atmosphere mixed to the crystal clear sea charm, then Fuerteventura is the island for you!

El Hierro beaches (Maceta)



El Hierro island furthest west of the Canary Islands, a small natural area for the exclusive use of a few visitors. In this island the attention to the environment is, you can say, something “sacred.” Respect for all forms of nature you can breathe, in fact, in every corner: with its farming and ecological agriculture, small villages that meet the standards of the environment and the free wi-fi coverage, appears to be the first island in the world to live only of clean and renewable energies, a record that is the envy of many countries.

The ideal time to fully live it is undoubtedly May, when nature presents its maximum performance. Known by Christopher Columbus as the last island beyond the Pillars of Hercules, El Hierro is the right alternative for all those who are looking for an island especially where time is marked by the rhythms of life dominated by the environment. The smallest island of the Canaries is certainly the ideal place to unwind the body and mind. It has several black sand beaches, but perhaps the prerogatives more in El Hierro are the natural pools.

One of the most famous is surely to be Maceta, in the municipality of La Frontera: composed of three natural pools filled with sea water, is the perfect place to make a bath immersed in warm water and calm that many times does not It is located off the Canary Islands, due to the Atlantic that surrounds them. The water zone is certainly the perfect place for making picnic, being equipped with barbecue, running water and rustic tables. Nearby there is also a great restaurant cooking wonderful fish.

La Gomera beaches (Santa Catalina, Hermigua)


Photo: M R F

La Gomera is the second smallest island of the Canaries, but despite this managed to make tourism one of its strengths. Round, rocky, difficult here you will find the typical beaches conceived as long stretches of sand because every little detail of this beautiful island draws its volcanic nature.

Hermigua is one of six municipalities that divides La Gomera and is renowned for being the most savage. Within its territory, in fact, it starts the famous Forest of El Cedro in the Garajonay National Park: a prehistoric forest enchanted always wrapped in fog, a muffled world where the clouds caress the plants creating the microclimate suitable to develop the ‘ habitat for many species of flora and fauna have become extinct in Europe and in Africa millions of years ago, but that we find magic of this island!

Santa Catalina, situated on the outskirts of the village of Hermigua, on the northern coast of La Gomera, is a perfect place to spend a relaxing day and to devote himself to deserved rest even after the various excursions that surely will have met the explorer heart feel beating within you. A large beach consists of pebbles mixed with stretches of black sand grains, nearly one kilometer long and situated in a rural area between terraced fields that offer a rare spectacle of nature.


La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura… I think that there is something for everyone! As you can see, each of these beautiful islands has some different characteristics from each other, even though all equally fascinating. It only remains to adapt your choice according to your way of living the holiday, I’m sure, whatever your decision, the Canaries will give you a wonderful experience!




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