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5 countries on the sea to live in with fewer than 350 euro per month

Have you ever thought about leaving your city, work, chaos and the routine you are used to escape to an exotic paradise? And if you could do it on the cheap?

If you think that living with fewer than 350 euro per month is just a dream, do not you know that there are places in the world where this figure not only can survive, but actually you can enjoy a life surrounded by secluded beaches, wonderful nature contact with different cultures. Here are five destinations dream in which the money is not a problem.

The article is only indicative, based on objective information collected in the network does not refer to the most popular tourist areas. It is not our intention to send you to live abroad, but only to provide some ideas and alternatives. Clearly before making a decision that could change your life you need to read up very thoroughly. If you have direct information, help us to give more accurate information.



If your dream is to live in Thailand, you’ll be pleased to know that in the charming and historic city of Chiang Mai (in northern Iraq) the rent of a small apartment costs about 21 € per month, with prices that rise slightly if you approach the coast, around 60 euro. Also for the food your spending will be reduced: enough, in fact, a euro to buy from street stalls typical chicken dish with rice or noodles. For the most refined palates, it takes about 150 € monthly to cater for lunches and dinners. However, if you intend to cook at home it will really cost you much: fruit, vegetables and meat can be found in local markets at very cheap prices.

Photo: Lutz



Great rival of Thailand in terms of costs is Cambodia. Even here you can find cheap housing in the capital Phnom Penh, for example, you can easily live on less than 350 € per month. The large presence of foreigners in recent years is driving up prices, so the best solution is to share an apartment with a friend and split the fare for the rental of 140 Euros monthly. The food prices are lower than those of Thailand. A meal at the local restaurants will cost about € 1.50, but if you want to save further you can focus on street food.
Similar standards of living can also be found in Vietnam and Laos.

Photo: DragonWoman



Another exotic destination where life will cost no more than € 350 a month is the Philippines. In the province of Cebu, characterized by beaches, golf courses, shops and shopping centers, you can rent an apartment at 100 € per month, spending around 140 Euros per month to cover the expenses for food. But that’s not all, by paying 35,000 euro in local bank can guarantee the pension already at 35 years.

Photo: Eric Brian Ouano

Costa Rica


A tropical paradise where the price of life is far less than what we are used to is Costa Rica. Moving away from the capital San Jose, where the cost of a shared apartment is around € 350 per month, you can find more accommodations economic to 170 Euros. In this country, the costs of goods and services are among the lowest in the world. An example? For a complete meal in a restaurant you will spend 2 to 3 euro, local markets and street stalls even less if you consider that a bunch of bananas is only 30 cents!

Photo: didierbaertschiger



Paradise for beach lovers and divers, this small state of Central America on March overlooking the Caribbean has competitive prices. The cost of living is quite minimal: a villa in the Cayo district, close to Belize City, it costs 200 € per month, and the price drops if you decide to share it with a friend or partner. Even for groceries, if purchased locally, the expenditure will be kept.

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