Croatia beaches: here are the best

Its natural parks represent some of the most spectacular scenery in the world from a naturalistic point of view, but Croatia is not only a beautiful country to explore with its hiking trails, but has lots of unique features in the world. One of these, for example, is represented by the beauty of its cities that give off an old-world charm as Dubrovnik or Omiš, a picturesque town which offers an undisputed spectacle with its houses built on the mouth of the river Cetina.

The beauty of Croatia is expressed, however, also through its beaches. With their affordable prices, the advantage of proximity to our coast and the mild climate that allows us to offer tourist accommodation even in the summer months are not strictly as October, these lovely stretches of sand offer an interesting solution for those who want a holiday remaining close to Italy and enjoying the company of a beautiful beach and an ideal climate.

It’s time to find out which are the most beautiful beaches in Croatia starting from the areas of Istria, passing through the Gulf of Kvarner, Dalmatia and coming to an end, then, with the most famous islands.

The most beautiful beaches of Istria

The Istrian coast, the first you see when arriving from Italy, is characterized by several Blue Flag beaches of disarming beauty: large and small bays, hidden coves composed of white pebbles, magnificent sandy coasts intact and clean; any corner of the sea of this beautiful region presents an exciting landscape. The Kamenjak beach and the Brulo beach are just some of the most representative ones we can cite.

Punta Kamenjak Beach – Pula


Photo: Andreas März

The Kamenjak beach is Premantura, only 10 kilometers from Pula. It is a beach formed by overlooking the sea pebbles and rocks. Ideal to spend some time relaxing because of its secluded location and hidden, is surrounded by unspoiled nature and its promontory also offers the possibility of hiking and mountain biking trails. Kamenjak is part of a protected reserve and its crystalline waters have a unique view of the world.

Brulo Beach – Porec


Photo: Yacht Rent

Located near the southern city of Porec, the Brulo beach is located in the tourist area of the city where there are the residences and the most famous hotels. It is a rocky beach consists of white pebbles surrounded by beautiful pine trees surrounded by meadows that allow tourists to have a picnic fantastic. Famous for its many sports facilities that allow for a very wide variety of water sports, the beach has been awarded Brulo, for several years, the Blue Flag beach and has a beautiful promenade leading to the center of the town of Porec .

The most beautiful beaches of the Kvarner Gulf

The Kvarner Bay separates Istria from Dalmatia and offers tourists a variety of landscapes all very special: its lunar islands like Krk, Rab and Cres, mountains and hills interesting from a naturalistic point of view, as the park Paklenica, but also typical villages like Senj and, finally, a truly unique flora. Among some of the most beautiful beaches of this area we can mention the Peharovo beach in Lovran or Crikvenica beach.

Peharovo – Lovran


A stone’s throw from the town of Lovran is the Peharovo beach. It consists of one part sand and gravel, with a sandy bottom that gradually fades behind this beach has a magnificent pine forest with terraces ideal for families with children. Towards evening, however, it becomes the favorite destination for young people thanks to its local offering music during the whole night. It is a beach equipped with showers, cabins, toilets, table tennis, beach volleyball and soccer.



Photo: Ben Outram

The Crikvenica beach has the distinction of being, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, one of the first seaside resorts in Europe and even today, more than a hundred years after his birth, has the distinction of Blue Flag for its clean waters and its many services. With a private access for the disabled and a shallow sandy bottom, it offers the possibility of a comfortable bath to all those who prefer shallow waters for safe swimming close to shore.

The most beautiful beaches of Dalmatia

The longest and picturesque area of Croatia belongs to Dalmatia. The Dalmatian coast has a distinctive cobalt blue sea as hundreds of islands frame, rocks, bays and mountains that make the unique landscape of its kind. The lush Mediterranean vegetation alternates with cities like Zadar, Dubrovnik, Split and Sibenik, rich in cultural heritage above all expectations, and beaches like Banje in Dubrovnik, Punta Rata in Brela, and Zaton in Zadar.

Banje Beach – Dubrovnik


Photo: Greta Ceresini

Perfect for those who like to combine cultural activities to life by the sea, the Banje Beach offers a unique and transparent sea with views of the old town of Dubrovnik. It is one of the most popular beaches of southern Dalmatia and is reached via a stone staircase from a parking lot located near the old city walls. It consists of golden gravel, with a sea that off in a dark blue suit, is equipped with tourist and local structures in the evening they become renowned nightclubs to enliven the evenings of the city.

Punta Rata Beach – Brela


Photo: The_Sacul

Brela boasts the most beautiful beach of the Riviera of Makarska, Punta Rata. This beach has been included among the ten best beaches in the world according to the famous American magazine Forbes and we assure you that this recognition it deserves more … Accessible by car through, though, un’impervia descent, is made up of smooth pebbles and It presents behind lush pine trees like most of Croatian beaches. In front of the beach emerges a spectacular reef with a tree in the middle, especially that distinguishes absolute this beach from all others.

Zaton – Zara


Photo: SchrodingerK

Zaton Beach is located in the village and consists of a mixture of sand and gravel with a very shallow water particularly suitable for children. Blue Flag thanks to the quality of its sea, it is also equipped for the disabled and has several sun loungers and parasols points. It stretches for about a kilometer and a half and is surrounded by pine forest that offers a great refreshment on a hot day.

Croatian islands

The Islands of Croatia are really all very charming and feature different shapes and characteristics from each other. Starting with those of the Kvarner Gulf as Rab, Krk and Cres down to Mljet and Brac, through to Korcula and Lastovo, you can find excellent living solutions for every need.

Paradise Beach – Island of Rab


Photo: Ian Lloyd

It is the most famous beach in Lopar, one of the main towns on the island. About one kilometer long and a half, has the most important tourist facilities of the island. The island of Rab can be reached by taking the ferry departing from Stinica, is characterized by its variety of beaches of different nature: on its surface we can find, in fact, expanses of pebbles, gravel, rocks or beautiful sandy coasts, what’s not their communities in Croatia. Paradise Beach is just one of them: a long stretch of sand with shallow waters, ideal for children and for all those who are not swimmers “experienced”. Equipped with all public beach equipment is easily accessible by car.

Silo Beach – Island of Krk


Along the stretch of coast between Vrbnik and Silo on the island of Krk, there are many secluded beaches reachable only by boat or on foot. Among the various beaches of pebbles and stones, we find the Silo Beach, a sandy expanse that plunges into a beautiful sapphire sea. In its vicinity is the famous wreck of the Pelstastis, an old Greek cargo ship sunk in 1968, quickly became one of the most popular routes of diving by divers from around the world. The island of Krk is easily reached by car crossing the Krk bridge that connects it to the mainland. The island has also an airport.

Lubenice Beach – Island of Cres


Photo: [bastian.]

The island of Cres, car ferries from the port of Brestova or to Valbiska on the island of Krk, is very wild and Lubenice Beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Croatia. It lies at the foot of the country and, given its particular position, it is not very easy to get: you have to follow a path that starts from the town square and is covered in about 40 minutes following a road not always very accessible. Without equipment, it has one of the most unique natural scenery and hidden in Croatia.

Blace Beach – Mljet Island


Photo: Antonio Fassina

If you ask a Croatian what is the most beautiful island in his country he will respond without a shadow of a doubt Mljet. The island, in fact, is a true flag of environmental protection and natural and can be reached via ferry from Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Reijeka, Hvar and the Peljesac peninsula. Mljet is an island garden covered with forests and inhabited by many varieties of fish and sea turtles. It has even two internal lakes, connected to the sea by narrow channels, represent the pure essence of nature in all its forms. The sandy beach of Blace which is a 5 minute walk from the adjacent beach Saplunara, defines an arc-shaped bay like a tropical lagoon closed by a barrier reefs, a real natural paradise not to be missed!

Zlatni Rat Beach – Island of Brac


Photo: Sebastian Bergmann

The island of Brac is the largest island of Dalmatia and it is also the one with some of the most beautiful beaches. It can be reached by ferry from Split. Its climate is one of the sunniest and dry Mediterranean, and Zlatni Rat beach is one of the most spectacular stretches of sand in the area. The beach of the Golden Horn (as Italians call it) is shaped like a triangle with its apex towards the sea and is facing a very very transparent sea. The sandy end of its coastline depending on the hours, the currents and the waves change direction and shape, giving the beach a unique feature.

Pupnatska Luka – Korkula


Photo: Francesca

The Pupnaska Luka beach is surrounded by greenery and protected from rocks and is probably the best beach on the island. The island of Korcula can be reached by embarking from the nearby Peljesac peninsula (from ports of Kuciste, and Viganj Orebic) or from Split, Dubrovnik or the neighboring island of Lastovo. Reached via a busy road, but no traffic, has a magnificent view on the island of Mljet and Lastovo islands which repays the efforts deployed to achieve it.

Saplun – Lastovo


Photo: bluesail

The island of Lastovo is the furthest inhabited island of Croatia. It is reached by ferry from Split, Dubrovnik (in summer) and the nearby islands of Hvar and Korcula, and is known for its beautiful lagoons, the lush nature and the slow rhythm that defined the days of its inhabitants. Hum is the highest point of the island: from here on a clear day you can even see Monte Gargano and starry nights admire one of the most extraordinary skies in the world. The uninhabited islet of Saplun is famous for its white sandy beaches that can be the envy to the beautiful far more famous Caribbean beaches, a heavenly place not to be missed!

Croatia has a diversified as to envy even the best cities overseas. This extraordinary country offers multiple holiday solutions all different: you can choose from solitary beaches, beaches perfect for children, isolated coves, uninhabited islands, but also beaches equipped for any kind of fun. From Istria to Dalmatia, through the hundreds of islands scattered in the sea, we are sure that Croatia will certainly not betray your expectations. If so look for a place for your trip not too far from Italy this beautiful country you will definitely have a lot of satisfaction!




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