Fuerteventura beaches: the best 10

One of the best islands to spend their holidays at sea in Spain is definitely Fuerteventura! This wonderful island, in fact, boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Canaries: the coasts of Fuerteventura, thanks to the particular climatic conditions that distinguish them, the winds that blow from the Sahara, ocean currents and volcanic rock, represent something truly amazing. Covering an area of about 1,660 square kilometers, alternating pure white beaches, often composed by the sand of the nearby desert, and black formed from the remnants of volcanic eruptions. This makes the unique landscape of the island and inimitable …

In addition to the coasts of Sotavento, Esquinzo, El Cotillo, the dunes of Corralejo and very black expanse of sand of Ajuy, we find many other places, really very beautiful, that could certainly meet your beach needs. It’s time to list what are the 10 most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura.

El Cotillo


Photo: toastbrot81

Along the northwestern side of the island, you will come across in the fishing village of El Cotillo; its magnificent beach is about 10 km and consists of fine white sand. This stretch of coast is very windswept and its sea, constantly crossed by sea currents, is often characterized by the presence of large waves, which are much sought after by lovers of water sports like windsurfing and kite surfing. Going further north, and coming around to the height of the Tostón Faro, the sand gives way to peculiar rock formations that give rise to magnificent natural coves, forming beautiful lagoons within which it is possible to swim in perfect relaxation .

La Concha – El Cotillo


Photo: grzegorzmielczarek

La Concha is one of the most photographed beaches on the island. Located a few hundred meters from El Cotillo, presents, unlike most of the coasts of Fuerteventura, a calm and transparent sea with a beach of fine sand about 200 meters long. It is not a beach except a beach bars offering food and drinks, so it is better not to get into unwary beach.

Playa de Sotavento – Pajara


Photo: Xavier

Located south of the island, east of the peninsula of Jandia, Playa de Sotavento is pristine and vast expanse of white sand, which is reflected in a beautiful turquoise sea. This enormous beach is surely to be counted among the largest and most famous of Fuerteventura. Because of its particular position, it is almost always windy and is often the protagonist of water sports competitions. Note, too, that the changing of the tide on the coast are formed large lakes which separate some parts of the beach, leaving immersed Ocean long golden sandy languages.

Playa de La Pared – Pajara


Photo: JrGMontero

La Pared is a small village located on the west coast of Fuerteventura with very few inhabitants, one bar and a surf shop, and this should already give a good idea of the main sports practiced on its beach. More than 500 meters of beach welcome surfers who want to try their hand at stunts, making this bay one of the busiest. Bounded behind by huge cliffs made up of black and jagged rocks, it has only a few meters from the beach, a small restaurant with swimming pools and water slides, ready to offer credible alternatives to the sea days.

Tierra Dorada, Mal Nombre – Pajara


Photo: Ulli S.

The Tierra Dorada beach, located on the sandy shoreline of Mal Nombre in the south of the island, is a small strip of white sand mixed with black veins, created by the erosion of its volcanic shores. The intense blue of the sea contrasts with the brown-orange inside. On the beach there is only one kiosk, which offers sun loungers and umbrellas for rent at very reasonable prices. The coast is always very popular with magnificent birds that enrich the natural contour of the beach. Do not miss the exciting color that takes on the shoreline at sunset, with the effect of the sun is reflected on the sea.

Playa de Ajuy – Pajara


Photo: Sven Walter

Playa de Ajuy is the most famous black beach of Fuerteventura. It was formed by the erosion of the sea, over the years, he has transformed the volcanic rocks in the fine sand of the same color. Located on the west coast of the island, it is dominated by a small fishing village, where you can find some local restaurants. It also has some wonderful caves that can be visited from the beach and walking for about 20 minutes through the reef. Do not miss a visit to Playa de Los Muertos will encounter on the right side of Ajuy.

El Cofete – Pajara


Photo: Ramón Pérez Niz

According to the views of many tourists, it is the most beautiful beach in Fuerteventura. It is located on the peninsula of Jandia, in the south of the island. Often characterized by a wave and strong winds, it presents a fantastic scenery and highly sought after. The mix of fine golden sand, the beach is surrounded by mountains and the water temperature exceeds 20 ° C throughout the year creates a very strong reminder to all those who love nature and are looking for a well-earned silence broken only by the sound and the ocean.

Esquinzo – La Oliva


Photo: Alistair Young

Esquinzo Beach is one of the most picturesque bays of the island. To reach it you need to travel a stretch of dirt road, starting from El Cotillo, runs south for about 10 minutes. The effort will be immediately rewarded by the magical place that tourists will face: the black rocks scattered along the beach and the clear and fine sand offer a very unique color contrast, enclosed within high cliffs. Esquinzo is also a favorite place for surfers thanks to the magnificent waves that form in the bay.

Grandes Playas, Corralejo – La Oliva


Photo: Gonzalo Serrano

Corralejo in the north of the island, is famous for the presence of large desert dunes ending at the beach. In fact, it is simplistic to think of this place as a single beach: ten kilometers of coastline that make up the Parque Nacional Las Dunas de Corralejo present themselves as a unique coastline full of intense colors. A Grandes Playas white sand on the seabed gives the sea a very exciting transparency. Even the water temperature in this area is warmer than that of the neighboring islands of Tenerife and Lanzarote, thus allowing, to all tourists, excellent bathing.

Pozo Negro – Antigua


Photo: John Hartnup

Located on the center of the island, south of Caleta de Fuste, the Pozo Negro beach is a long stretch 300 meters often characterized by strong winds, according to the seasons, producing the majestic waves. In this beautiful beach, the black color of the gravel contrast with the bright red of the rocks of the mountains, creating a truly exciting show. This coastline, which takes its name from the small village that holds, is not very popular, making it ideal for all those who are looking for a little relaxation.




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