Maldives holidays: when to go and where

Stretches of white beaches composed of fine sand, lush green coconut palms overlooking a sea of nothing short of heavenly, pristine coral reefs, but above all the ability to always rely on a fantastic hospitality, tell me how many of you would like to do now … This magnificent holiday in the Maldives archipelago of over 1200 coral islands, of which only about a hundred home resorts, presents a tourist offer at the highest level and with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

In order to make your dream vacation in the Maldives to become a reality, we suggest you keep in mind some aspects that could make your trip truly unique and unforgettable; for example, the choice of the island, the weather situation, the type of reef, the prices of the Resort and maybe, why not, the possibility to find cheap deals during certain times of the year.

See below a short list that allows you to better prepare your trip to the Maldives taking for some details.

Where are the Maldives

Italians to reach the beaches of Maldives of Salento takes very few hours, but in reality to fly to these beautiful atolls takes about 10 hours, with 4 hours of time difference (4 or 3 more hours if Italian is daylight saving time). The Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of India and are composed of about 20 atolls, 10 of which are open to tourism Kaafu – Male (where the capital Malé and its international airport), Raa, Baa, Lhaviyani, Alifu, Vaavu, Meemu, Faafu, Dhaalu Atoll and Seenu.


Photo: Mac Qin

Maldives tourism

It is important to choose well when to go to the Maldives, from this choice will depend, in most cases, the success of your holiday. Always take the temperature varies between 28 ° and 34 ° C throughout the year with a constant water temperature of 28 ° and 32 ° C, but the best time to reach the Maldives goes from January to late April because in recent months the arrival of the monsoons makes the sky always serene, calm seas and little rainfall.

Maldives resorts and hotels

In order to witness the spectacle of the beach that looks like a starry night you need to go nell’atollo Vaadhoo but, beyond the details that make us decide island relative to another, most of the time our choice of stay depends almost exclusively by the cost and the services of the various hotels and resorts spread on the atolls of the archipelago. The prices of the resorts in the Maldives obviously vary according to their category of classification and consequently the services offered by them. Aspects such as the kitchen, the beach, the reef and especially the low environmental impact of the resort, with buildings designed to blend into the surrounding environment, have a major impact on the price of the stay. To avoid unpleasant surprises, and look for the best holiday at the lowest price, we recommend first of all to compare the prices of hotels in the Maldives and choose the tourist structure that best suits your needs.

Cheap holidays to Maldives

As we looked forward to, it’s not so impossible to find low cost offers to the Maldives. In addition to classic last minute that guarantee, to all those who may decide from day to day, a nice slice of savings, there is also the possibility to build the customized trip booking, for example, the flight more convenient and choosing the appropriate comparing online Hotel the costs of the various structures. There are several airlines that offer relatively cheap flights, such as Neos Air, or companies that make a stopover offering very attractive rates; those of the Middle East as Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways are some of them. Keep in mind, for example, that in this case you can also stop by one more day to admire the skyscrapers of Dubai, Doha or Abu Dhabi. Obviously you not always find available dates for your requests, but give it a try it will be worth definitely worth it.

Maldives islands and atolls

The atolls of this archipelago are really all very beautiful and special and it is difficult to say which are the most beautiful beaches of the Maldives. Among the atolls definitely most noteworthy are Malé, Ari and Baa.

Male Atoll – Maldives


Photo: Sarah_Ackerman

It is the main atoll of the Maldives, consisting of two The most beautiful beaches separated atolls to Malé North and the South Malé Atoll. Are located in the south, among these we note Cocoa Island beach with its blue lagoon, the beach Velassaru with its unspoilt nature and to Fihalhohi, a tiny island of just 450 meters, where you can swim in crystal clear waters and sunbathe in complete relaxation.

Ari Atoll – Maldives


Photo: Mac Qin

Located on the far west of the archipelago, Ari atoll is luxuriously villages that overlook the lagoon often overwater huts. It consists of about fifty islands surrounded by beautiful coral reefs more beautiful than all. In this atoll, in addition to Halaveli Island with its stilts and in Rangali Island where you can dine under the sea surface, we also find the uninhabited island of Nalaguraidhoo famous for owning, according to many, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Baa Atoll – Maldives


Photo: Sarah_Ackerman

The Baa Atoll is located in the west of the Maldivian archipelago. The 75 islands that make up only 13 are inhabited; among the most beautiful beaches ever you can find the island of Kunfunadhoo with its impressive marine life, the Maalhosmadulu beach with a beautiful coral reef, the Olhugiri beach which is distinguished by the presence of many sea turtles and, finally, Fonimagoodhoo the beach with one of the most coveted of the Maldives resort.

Maldives honeymoon

If you plan to choose from the most romantic islands in the world to pass one of the best times of your life, you can not but take into account the Maldives. Thinking of getting married on a pristine beach on the border of the world or a traditional Maldivian boat is certainly one of the most coveted dream of all couples in the world. For this reason in this magnificent archipelago featuring exclusive Resort dealing almost exclusively to honeymooners, to the atoll of Kaadedhdhoo or to Dhonakulhi for example, which can meet all your needs and make you live a unique experience.



If you decide to give you a wonderful holiday in the Maldives definitely you take a trip that will remain engraved in your mind for a lifetime. By following the few steps that we gave you, we are sure that his clear sea and its beautiful beaches will make you live unforgettable days!




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