The most beautiful Maldives islands and beaches

If your idea of travel dream corresponds to stay in a hut on the water, swimming with tropical fish in the crystal clear sea and lie down on a soft, white beach, the Maldives are definitely the place where your dreams can come true .

Located in the Indian Ocean on the equator in the area south west of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is an archipelago of over 1000 islands (many of which are uninhabited) that form 26 atolls protected by coral reefs. Speaking of holidays in the Maldives is to refer to the fine sand, the sunny skies and turquoise waters that overlook beaches surrounded by coconut palms. Particularly loved by the couple on their honeymoon, a romantic destination is yes, but also adapts to the amusement of all thanks to the many different activities it offers. Among the best are the diving at the reef and snorkeling on the surface: it is easy to see many colorful fish even if you are not experienced divers; in fact, they manage to see, already from a depth of one meter.

The large amount of islands makes it difficult to judge which are the most beautiful beaches. A task made even more difficult by the fact that all the atolls have similar characteristics related to the sand and the sea. Also with regard to the climate, in all areas of the archipelago the average temperatures range from 26 to 31 ° C. The best time to visit the Maldives is from December to April, months that are inserted between periods characterized by more precipitation (May to December) and the change of monsoon (mid-May – end of November).

you need to inquire about the availability of the villages and resort, because as you can imagine, the hotels often sell out before embarking on the next flight to Maldives, especially during holidays. also we want to compare prices of hotels to choose the best property at the lowest cost.

Malé Atoll

Malé is the main atoll of the Maldives, in turn divided into two smaller atolls (the North and South), home of the capital and the international airport. While, admittedly, the capital Malé, with its paved roads and in the palaces, looks more like a Western metropolis that an unspoiled paradise, you can not say the same of the other islands of this atoll. More than 60 islands, most of which are uninhabited, welcome tourists with their resort, endless beaches and crystal clear waters.

Cocoa Island


The most beautiful beaches are located nell’atollo South, such as Cocoa Island (part of the Resort Cocoa Island by COMO), overlooking an azure lagoon dotted with huts that surface water. Breathtaking views, unforgettable sunsets and always placid and calm waters that allow you to practice snorkeling even in windy conditions. The beach from the soft, white sand is the dream of every tourist, a corner of paradise surrounded by green plants and cared for, where, in their shadow, the hammocks are ready to indulge in a little ‘fresh rest. Finally, a strip of sand that stretches along the lagoon is perfect for a nice walk.

Velassaru Island


Same characteristics also for the Velassaru beach, one of the many jewels of the Maldives. The beautiful beach and the crystal clear sea are characterized by distinctive flora and fauna of the island. The assets with which to try are for all tastes and ages: water sports, diving to discover the tropical fish that animate the reef and excursions to nearby deserted islands.

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Ari Atoll

Among the most beautiful atolls of the Maldives, definitely it falls to Ari, characterized by bungalows suspended over the sea and perfect places to practice diving. The 50 islands that make up this atoll are, in fact, all protected by the extraordinary and colorful coral reef.

Halaveli Island


A tropical paradise on a small island surrounded by the blue Indian Ocean. In addition to activities to do at sea, you can play sports or relax in the SPA built on stilts. Halaveli Island is a unique place to relax, beauty, nature and fun come together in one. The island, as all the main tourist islands in the Maldives, is private and belongs to Constance Halaveli Resort.

Rangali Island


One of the most of this special resort is located on the island of Rangali, the Conrad Maldives. Especially because here, besides the usual activities, at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant you can even dine below the surface of the sea, under a transparent roof surrounded at 180 degrees by the crystal clear waters and tropical fish. And, above the sea, the wonder is not far behind: white sandy expanses of water and a thousand shades of blue are there to accommodate all the visitors.


Baa Atoll

The 75 islands of the Baa atoll all boasting turquoise sea and white beaches. Here you can enjoy many water sports and dive in its waters to admire the many tropical fish that inhabit the coral reef.



Stay at Soneva Fushi Resort in the island of Kunfunadhoo, is really an incredible experience thanks to the extraordinary marine life that offers this coast. Besides the beach and the amazing sea in this island there is also a dense vegetation and a large tropical forest that can be explored on foot or by bicycle. From here, they start also several trips to visit the nearby fishing villages to discover the traditions and the local culture.


Faafu Atoll

Huvafen Fushi Island


Coral reef, white sand and very soft, hammocks sheltered by palm trees, endless pools and much more. A fabulous place for lovers of relaxation by the sea. And what could be more relaxing than a massage under water? At the SPA Resort Huvafen Fushi to separate you from the fish that swim in the waters of the Maldives there is only a transparent glass. To be sure that nothing is to disturb your moment of relaxation.



Nature, sea and luxury resort, but not only. Not far from the tourist areas, you can visit small fishing villages and get to know local traditions and the life of Maldivians, for a rich and fascinating holiday in every point of view. Nothing else to add … except good trip, hoping that the virtual journey through the pictures on this page soon be transformed into reality.




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