The 10 most beautiful Australian beaches

You can choose to visit Australia for a thousand reasons: for its local culture, the Aboriginal, which in recent years has gained a fair share of tourism, for its beautiful cities with their modernity represent a beautiful reality of our times , for his people, largely made up of bright and dynamic young lovers of life outdoors and sports, but certainly the most fascinating aspect of this wonderful country is definitely naturalistic.

The wonderful national parks, the huge expanses of almost desert north of its territory, and above all the fantastic views with their beautiful coral reefs, definitely give Australia a huge added value able to charm anyone …

So if you’re accompanied by a passport not expired and a long period of leave, it would be useless given the many hours by plane (more than 20) stop just a week, I can confirm that the winter season is the best to enjoy its beauty. In fact, in Australia our seasons are reversed: then in December and January is summer in most of the country, while between June and August winter comes bearing snow in the southern regions and a dry climate in the northern states, although it appears to be very mild in most of the country.

If you are seriously considering the idea of a holiday in Australia, then the best thing to do to get started with planning your trip is to compare the prices of the hotels and have a look at destinations that we propose in this article.

The Australian continent is very diverse so I will try to give you some good tips beaches for dividing areas.


Pacific Coast Touring Route NSW

The magnificent area of New South Wales is located on the southeast coast of Australia and is crossed by the legendary Pacific Coast Turing Route that winds its way from Sydney to Brisbane. A splendid itinerary that, in a week, starting from the bay of the famous city, will introduce you to the beautiful beaches, rain forests, charming villages with huge golf courses, but also wineries that produce excellent wine.

Riding perfect waves at Bondi Beach, through Tallow Beach and ending on the beautiful sand of Hyams Beach, you will undoubtedly meet all the various flavors linked to different ideas of beach you might have imprinted in your mind.

Bondi Beach – Sydney


Photo: Steve Brand

At about seven kilometers from the center of town is the one that in the popular imagination of all tourists is the Sydney beach of excellence, or Bondi Beach. One of the best alternatives to reach it is certainly the train that arrives in Bondi Junction; from this station a convenient shuttle will take you directly to the beach.

The factors that make it so fascinating Bondi Beach are so many: in fact, we found the best bars, restaurants and the most beautiful luxury homes of this area, also the most famous scenic walks. Among all Australian beaches is the one that most resembles the famous Venice Beach in Los Angeles: a long beach a kilometer crowded with people sunbathing or riding the waves, wide sidewalks full of tables of the outdoor bars, rows of shops that sell costumes and surfboards, multicolored markets and even a beautiful walk that goes from Bondi to Bronte … Nothing is missing in this beautiful stretch of sand!

Tallow Beach – Byron Bay


Photo: Ben Ashmole

Byron Bay is one of the meccas of the Australian surf, a real natural paradise where humpback whales often swim undisturbed; There is, in fact, very close to the beach, a marine reserve where you can see even dolphins and turtles in all their beauty. Over the past 20 years, this town has become a refuge for all those who want to escape from the chaos of big cities. For this reason, many designers, architects and craftsmen have opened their own business in Byron Bay, giving it an air of pleasant new age. In this city it turns purely by bike and you prefer the small local restaurants to mega fast food.

The whitest of Tallow Beach stretches along seven kilometers of coastline and is undoubtedly one of the most frequented spots by surfers, to ride one of his legendary waves, arrive daily from all over the world. If you love this sport you can not enjoy the excitement of this wonderful sea! Also, Tallow Beach you can enjoy often the dolphins and whales, in particular periods of the year, through its waters; so it is not rare to be able to swim with some magnificent specimen.

Hyams Beach – Jervis Bay


Photo: Shohan Misso

Jervis Bay, about two hours from Sydney, stands out for its fine sand like talcum powder. Hyams Beach, one of its beaches, is very often appointed to be the whitest and cleanest of the entire planet. This beautiful beach, in fact, holds the official record in the Guinness World Records of the whitest beach in the world!

Hyams Beach is located in the middle of two other beautiful sandy languages and is surrounded on one side by Jervis Bay National Park and on the other by Booderee National Park, two natural contexts that provide a natural environment full of animals, plants and birds native. In order to fully enjoy this show, we recommend to walk the path of White Sands Walk that, for about an hour, along the entire bay through many coves where you can spot many dolphins and even, if you’re lucky, the legendary “Whale blue “, a rare example of almost extinct humpback whale.

The beach is not supervised, there is only coffee, but for all those who want to bring a packed lunch, the area is equipped with a playground and picnic area. The sea is transparent and the almost total absence of waves allows children and little swimmers excellent bathing.


Pacific Coast Touring Route QLD

The second part of the famous Pacific Coast Touring Route takes you from Brisbane to Cairns via a magnificent journey where you can lose yourself in the beauty of Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, snorkel and dive at the largest coral reef of our planet (think, with a surface area of 350,000 km², is the only living organism that can be seen from space!), crossing pristine natural parks or go sailing one of the most beautiful postcards of Australia, the ‘Whitsunday island.

The slogan of Australians to illustrate this wonderful area is “Queensland where Australia shines” and that’s it! It is undoubtedly a unique destination of its kind for the splendor of its territory: its colors, sounds and scents will leave certainly an unforgettable memory that will go beyond your normal holiday and will remain firmly ingrained in your mind!

Whitehaven Beach – Whitsunday Island


Photo: Wicker Paradise

Worldwide, there are the normal islands and then there are the 74 Whitsunday Islands, the only ones to be located in the beautiful Bezzo the largest barrier reef in the world! Most of these islands are uninhabited, real earthly paradises to visit on a sailboat enjoying the pristine spectacle that can offer, while 8 of them (Hamilton Island, One & Only Hayman Island, Daydream Island, Long Island, Paradise Bay, Lindeman Island, Brampton Island and South Molle) have diversified offering able to satisfy every type of tourist.

Whitehaven Beach is definitely a beach you can not miss if you are ever in this earthly paradise! The largest of the Whitsunday Islands has, in fact, seven kilometers of pure silica sand that will thrill you to say the least. As soon as you put your feet on this island you’ll understand immediately why is the most photographed Australian beach. At the northern end, you’ll find Hill Inlet, a bay breathtakingly where the tide shifts the sand and water to create an indescribable kaleidoscope. This wonderful show, unique in the world, can be best observed from Tongue Point, a viewpoint that will offer you the chance to take one of the best memories of your life …

If you want to then cap off your holiday with a feather, fly over the island by helicopter, we assure you that the world does not exist a spectacle similar to what will occur before your eyes!

75 Mile Beach – Fraser Island


Photo: Romain Bochet

Located about 350 kilometers from Brisbane, off the Queensland coast near Hervey Bay, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. With its huge natural heritage, the many shipwrecks that surround it, the aboriginal culture and the numerous archaeological sites scattered across its surface, this pristine island is a World Heritage Site and is listed into the UNESCO since 1992.

Fraser Island can be reached by charter flights from Sunshine Coast Airport or by ferry from Hervey Bay. This beautiful island has the distinction of having the second concentration of lakes in Australia after Tasmania, 40 of which are “dune lakes”, dating back more than 300 years ago. To cover the entire island, you must be equipped with a 4×4 as there are no paved roads and the courses become all alone on the sand. It must also be in possession of a National Park permit which costs about $ 34 and is valid 28 days.

75 miles of uninterrupted beach will cheer your day to 75 Mile Beach, a real highway of sand with a lush tropical forest behind. Here you will experience the unique experience of being able to whiz by jeep to more than 100 per hour with wheels lapping ocean waves … You will spend moments of pure adrenaline! The most bell’autostrada of the world, however, also allows you to dive into the water to find out interesting wrecks or, alternatively, admire the most beautiful sunsets in Australia, perhaps crossing some dingo, animal typical of the Island.


Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is located on the Southeast coast of Australia, starts at Torquay and ends up in Warrnambool, crossing the entire western coast of the state of Victoria. Follow the path of this famous street is not that difficult, there are signs everywhere already from Melbourne.

Victoria is the smallest country in continental Australia and more than 70% of its inhabitants live in Melbourne. If you decide to travel the Great Ocean Road, you’ll come across in the wonders of this beautiful state: starting from Torquay with its Bells Beach, the surfing mecca, continuing to Port Campbell, famous for rock columns of the “12 Apostles” coming Port Fairy, with its island that is home to a large colony of sea lions, and ending up in Portland, you will experience the magnificent scenery that this beautiful land can offer you!

Bells Beach – Torquay


Photo: Russell Charters

If you are lovers of the waves this is the right place to stop! You are, in fact, in the mecca of Australian surfing. A Torquay, in reality, you will experience a range of activities on the sea, but this resort is definitely much more popular for surfing. In fact, if you can not wait to ride the waves, Bells Beach is the beach that is right for you.

This beach has two break with waves for surfers of intermediate to advanced level. It is here that every year takes place the famous Rip Curl Pro, the oldest surf contest in the world, a two-day event, besides bringing thousands of people eager to see the performances of surfers from the cliff, even with the participation of Australia’s best talents in music.

At Bells Beach it was also filmed one of the most famous tied to the world of surfing movie Point Break, where two famous Hollywood actors, Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, vied for the love of the beautiful protagonist challenging each other in amazing stunts with the board.
In short, if you are in search of the “big wave” to live strong emotions, this beach is the place for you.

The Twelve Apostles – Port Campbell


Photo: Pascal Bovet  

There is no better place to forget the normality of everyday life that this wonderful place! Admiring the coast scratched by huge waves and beaten by the irrepressible winds, you can not help but feel a heady feeling. The 12 Apostles are the attractions of the Port Campbell National Park, majestic rock pillars that rise from the ocean with their forms that inspire reverence.

Of the 12 initial pillars unfortunately the wind action has left only 8, but I assure you that the show that will open before your eyes, once you get off the steps that will take you 70 meters below the cliff, will be unique; you will feel a tiny particle of the world in front of such greatness. These calcareous towers, the amazing beauty, they assume very different appearances among them on the basis of the day: if you happen to see them with the warmth of the sun, you are bound to see the old prehistoric columns, while, with the reflection of the moon, will assume almost obscure likeness, incutendovi yes a little ‘fear, but also a lot of charm.

Rugged coast and many difficulties have meant that navigation, off of these giants, naufragassero more than 80 boats. The best known among them is the Loch schooner, it wrecked in 1873, whose crew managed to escape miraculously reaching a cave through a narrow gorge. Even today, thanks to a wooden ladder and a safe paths, you can visit the old shelter and almost relive the atmosphere of those terrible moments.


Indian Ocean Drive

It is the perfect trip to discover beautiful coral reefs, dream beaches and national parks with breathtaking scenery. The Indian Ocean Drive, from Perth to Exmouth, is a succession of surprises all along its path. If you will make sure to taste the delicious lobsters of Geraldton, swim with the huge whale sharks of Ningaloo Reef, to see the dolphins of Monkey Mia and photograph the cliffs overlooking the bay of Kalbarri National Park, then surely you will experience a truly holiday one of a kind!

Western Australia is the largest state of Australia; You think it ranks third of its surface. In spite of its size, in the interior, however, it lives only 10% of the entire population and of this approximately 70% live in Perth, the capital. These strange details should let you know how its landscapes found to be still intact and free from any kind of contamination created by man: its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, forests and desert areas are undoubtedly the best you can find at ‘interior of a nature trail.

Cable Beach – Broome


Photo: Dedi Sharabi

Cable Beach near Broome in the Kimberley region, offers well 22 km of exciting beaches nestled in a beautiful ambience which surrounds the cliffs of red ocher and turquoise-blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This beach is well known thanks to its beautiful sunsets, a true spectacle of nature worthy of the best director. Along Cable Beach, hiking on the camel is one of the most popular attractions. If you’re ever in the area between March and October and you have the good fortune of finding a full moon night at low tide, you can see then, near Roebuck Bay, the highly sought phenomenon of “staircase to the moon” in which the glow the same creates an evocative scenery through an optical illusion of a staircase that seems, as if by magic, enough to touch.

Beaten by soft waves, ideal for swimming and sunbathing, Cable Beach Reserve still lots of surprises: at its southern end, in fact, is Gantheaume Point. In this place, in the days of low tide, you can come across dinosaur footprints dating back 130 million years ago, a truly unique attraction! In addition, its lighthouse, you can admire the spectacle of the passage of dolphins and whales during their migration.

Finally, if you still are not convinced, we would like to remind you that near Broome proliferates un’attivissimo market of South Sea pearls. Most of the industries of this field stationed right here, a great reason to visit the area and make happy the feminine!

Hellfire Bay – Esperance


Photo: Jurriaan Persyn

Hellfire Bay is located within the Cape Le Grand National Park, a few kilometers from Esperance. This park is considered by many to be one of the best coastal landscapes of Western Australia: hidden bays cradling stretches of white sand, rich headlands and cliffs that end in huge granite peaks, are the most spectacular this area has to offer.

The Hellfire Bay beach is one of the most beautiful of the park and can be reached starting from Cape Le Grand, after paying $ 10 for the entrance, along a scenic path in a time of about two hours and a half. It is a beach not very large, about 400 meters long, crescent-shaped. Its sides are protected by rounded headlands which have differences smoothed boulders over the years by the wind and, behind him, dominates a spectacular sand dune height of about ten meters. The beach is made up solely of silica, a mineral very white which gives it a special appearance. The sea, like the other beaches in the park, is a cobalt blue unique in its kind, a really beautiful view!

Coral Bay – Ningaloo Marine Park



The Ningaloo Marine Park protects the famous Ningaloo Reef, one of the largest coral reefs of Australia. Let’s talk about 5000 square kilometers of ocean which abound in a multitude of colorful corals and 500 species of fish. Ningaloo Marine Park, which stretches for 260 kilometers between the towns of Coral Bay and Exmouth, is a paradise for lovers of underwater excursions. In this beautiful park you will have the chance to admire, a few dozen meters from the beach, the clown fish hiding behind the foliage of anemones, to observe the beautiful turtles that between January and February nest in these areas, to discover the gardens of gorgonians and sponges of many colors and even whale watching very, very closely!

Inside the Ningaloo Marine Park, lies the small fishing village of Coral Bay, with its magnificent beach, thanks to the privileged position enjoyed (you can walk to the reef), it is one of the busiest beaches from the park and also features excellent accommodation. From here, in fact, many excursions for snorkelers who will be able, between April and June, even swim with the famous whale sharks, the largest fish in the world, an experience that is almost unbelievable!

As you may have guessed, unlike the big Queensland reef, Ningaloo Reef is already accessible on foot from the shore from which there is, in some places (such as, for example, to Coral Bay), more than 200 meters. Certainly a great advantage that makes this beautiful park one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world!


Visit Australia represents for many the realization of a real dream. With its enormous natural wealth, its renowned lifestyle, the charm of aboriginal peoples and its stunning avant-garde metropolis with the times, this beautiful continent symbolizes par excellence of many holiday tourists from all corners of the world and of course, for the enormous wealth it contains, it could not be otherwise!




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