The 7 most beautiful beaches on the Cilento Coast, in Campania

Sandy stretches to live comfortably the wonderful sea of Campania or rocky beaches breaking on coastal inaccessible, the Cilento coast is both one and the other, in a clever alternation of both features that let you get the well-deserved nickname of “Pearl Campania”.

Starting from Agropoli and coming up to Sapri, this stretch of coast bell, considered World Heritage, and called the Cilento and Vallo di Diano, glows with a mysterious and extraordinary charm that recalls the old deeds of Enea, inspiring right from ‘ ancient poets and singers from around the world.

Legend has it that Palinuro, the helmsman of Aeneas, the hero survived the destruction of Troy, who arrived on the coast of Cilento in love with a beautiful girl named Kamaratòn; but, unrequited love, tried to catch his reflection in the sea and drowned. The love goddess Venus, as punishment, she transformed into a a rocky outcrop where today stands Camerota (which derives from the greek Kamaratòn, ie curved).

Certainly, with a presentation so rich and mysterious, the Cilento coast can not fail to captivate every bay.
To understand better what I’m talking about, here are some places that have shaped the history of this beautiful coastline.

Cala degli Infreschi – Marina di Camerota


Simply the most beautiful beach in Italy.
We were all convinced that for the most beautiful beach in Italy was exclusively a two-horse race between Sicily and Sardinia … and, instead, this year the reality went beyond all expectations! For the second consecutive year, this beautiful beach won the Legambiente contest named “the most beautiful you” launched on the web to elect the most beautiful beach in Italy.

A myriad of colors that goes from green Mediterranean white sand until the cobalt blue of mare.L’acqua, cooler at the surface due to fresh water springs, heats up as you go down deep. From this strange peculiarity stems, in fact, his name “infreschi”.

Reached by sea or via a footpath, its waters are rich in many fish: in particular, bream and glances that, by not being human fear, approaching quietly to feed them.

Photo: Andrea Paraggio

Trentova Bay – Agropoli


In italian “The bay of eggs”… Yes because, as a legend tells, the bay is named after the eponymous rock called so since under its caves were found thirty of sea turtle eggs.

In addition, if we think that a few years ago is said to have been found on the bay an imprint of a foot of a child, and we add that this summer a group of young people claims to have spotted a strange presence on the rock, I would say it deserves also the name of the ghost bay.

But if we go back with our feet on the ground we can say without doubt that the shallow, crystal clear sea, free parking and proximity to the center of Agropoli make sure one of the most visited tourist destinations of the coast. It is better to travel in the months of June and September to find her sparsely populated. Council, finally, not to miss a visit to the rock that is reached by a path and sunset with the sun setting behind the outline of Capri.

Photo: francesco gigliotti

Baia del Buon Dormire – Palinuro


The most photographed beach of Palinuro … and it’s easy to see why!
With its golden sand and emerald sea, surrounded by the walls overlooking the south side of Cape Palinuro and in front of the Rabbit Rock, this beautiful beach you can reach only and only by sea from the port of Palinuro or nearby Marinella beach. It is simply the most photographed because it recalls, in its morphology, as a landscape of Thailand.

The beach consists of fine grains of rock and is so called because at every hour of the day there is always a shadow point that allows tourists “a good rest.” Near this beach, past some rocky spur, it is very high rock face called Molpa in which there is a spectacular cave called Cave of the Bones for the countless prehistoric animal remains found inside.

Molpa, which in greek means hand, is in the name of a siren and perhaps the cave is “the whitish meadow bones” reminiscent of Homer’s Odyssey; So why not believe that the Rabbit Scoglio can be the rock on which were the bewitching and against which they went to break up the ships that did not have the wisdom to commanders like Ulysses?

Photo: giulio nepi

Arco Naturale – Palinuro


The ideal location for many films such as the Argonauts 2, Ercole the Atlantean conquest and Clash of the Titans.

Outside the center of Palinuro and near the mouth of the Mingardo river, the beach, a mixture of sand and rock, is famous for its arch, from which it takes its name, which includes a pristine beach. It is the starting point for excursions to the caves of Cape Palinuro.

The natural arch is one of the trendiest beaches of Palinuro, in fact most of the tourists who travels on its beach are young. restaurants, bars and clubs nearby complete the offer aimed at a young audience.

Photo: grzegorzmielczarek



One of the most awarded by Legambiente seaside resorts for the cleaning of its beach and its waters and especially the attention paid to tourists. Acciaroli, a hamlet of Pollica, best represents the beauty of the Cilento and its coast. Off the normal tourist routes and mass, from a fishing village has become over the years the tourist resort of international importance.

Legambiente has believed so in this beach this year for the first time has given birth to 108 turtles of the species “loggerhead” in the sand, a great testimony of how this beach is particularly appreciated for the special attention given to the protection of biodiversity.


Il Pozzillo – San Marco di Castellabbate


San Marco di Castellabbate is a small fishing village two kilometers from Santa Maria di Castellabbate, known for hosting the set of the film Welcome to the South and quickly become, for this reason, one of the most popular spots of Cilento. But this small country is not just this: its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has all the rights.

The Pozzillo beach stretches for a few kilometers between Santa Maria and San Marco di Castellabbate, a long sandy beach that leads to the remains of the old port still greek with the ruins to visit. The beach has several residences and hotels that provide a wide tourist offer will satisfy all the needs of the visitor.

Photo: Emilio Porcaro

Cala Bianca – Marina di Camerota


Elected in 2013, the most beloved of Italian beach, Cala Bianca is wild and beautiful, full of suggestive color contrasts: the whiteness of the pebbles, the Mediterranean greenery and the turquoise sea. It is located in the reserve of the Infreschi and can be reached from the sea and from the land through the beautiful Mediterranean Lentiscelle trail from the beach and up to Porto Infreschi, offering unique and unforgettable views.

Crystal-clear sea, sandy bottom and pebbles embedded in a naturalistic context of other times, this beach has obviously touched the hearts of many tourists who have decreed a real haven of unspoiled paradise. The only flaw of the path is to be friendly, so I suggest, if you would like to reach with children in tow, arriving via the sea route.



I think that after this short series of images you can account for why the beauty of this coastline has attracted since ancient mariners around the world and still is considered one of the wonders of our sea.

So if you have not been yet, do yourself a knot in a handkerchief next time that you have to decide where to spend your holiday, it will be worth while…




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